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I`m making a character in to my friends campaign and i have somewhat lack of imagination in my characters "main role" in the team.

He`s main thing is going to be BTL, making+editing+etc..., and i`m wondering what his team "profession" could be.

Basic Sammy if always and option or rigger and the always present option of being decker.

Just looking for some suggestions.
Face. wink.gif
Why didn`t i think about a Face. spin.gif
Thanks for that tip, that will go to my note book.
I live to serve. smile.gif
Kanada Ten
The number of technical skills needed to be a BTL originator are decker related. Cracking, Forging, and so on. Those skills most needed to sell BTLs and survive are Face skills. That said, a decker-face makes a full time character with resources thinned between contacts and programs (including maintainance of both in game). If I were to do that, a decker-face, I would buy a cyberterminal (10% the cost of a deck) and only some essential programs for cracking and editing. With the right contacts and team, it can work to greatness.
James McMurray
I'd go full decker, with skillsofts to switch to face mode when needed.
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