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Full Version: Need Some Help from Dumpshockers
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I need to know the name of the Seattle Yakuza (Shotozumi-Rengo?), and a Triad that would be operating at the Tacoma Docks.

(and I need it quick!)

Well, not need it, but sooner would be better grinbig.gif
Gang: The Ragers. Mostly orks, with some trolls and humans. Potentially mafia aligned.

Mafia: Docks are controlled by the Bigio Family, who seem to delight in screwing with the Yakuza presence in the area.

Downtown Docks: the Chosen Seoulpa Ring and the First Nations gang are fighting for control of the smuggling trade.

Shotozumi-Rengo do control some of the smuggling operations in Downtown and Tacoma.

Didn't see any specific notes about the Triads and Tacoma.
Awesome, Bigio family will do nicely. Those are the Tacoma docks that they control?

p. 98, when you're near the book. smile.gif
Arg, now need a gang (and their "operating" area) who's in the Yakuza's pocket.
Crimsondude 2.0
The Ragers are very unlikey to be in the Yaks' pockets, but they are a Tacoma dockside gang. They're mostly orks and some trolls, and they hang around the docks, and specifically Commencement Bay. New Seattle, 47. It's them and the Spikes in NSs, and the Spikes are run by a giant troll named Lord Torgo, and again are probably not Yak-friendly.
actually this gang doesn't need to be in's for a drop off, just somewhere in seattle.

Damn I wish I had my books right now!
The First Nations serve Shotozumi-rengo as foot soldiers. Their turf is the docks north of the arcology and the everett waterfront.
More on p39 New seattle
They don't have to be someone well documented. The yaks might well be backing a new gang to be their troops in the dock area and through out those disgusting "changed persoens."
Finally got to my books. I'm gonna go with the Lake Acids, since they have that warehouse.

Thanks for all the help =)
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