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Full Version: Gibson and SR
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Hey guys. I remembered reading on these forums something about Gibson not liking SR. My search-fu and google-fu is weak. Can anyone provide me a link?

Thanks in advance.
Sandoval Smith
GIbson mentions SR

Frankly, I'm not at all bothered by his opinion on the game. For one thing, I've found that it's really hard to portray most RPGs you like in a dignified manner to someone who is not into RPGs themselves. Especially if you try and talk in detail about the story.

Second, boiling it down to basics, I would be slightly annoyed by someone talking to me about a genre that I had built a reputation on, telling about this game 'that's just like it, except with elves! And a dragon in Germany that owns its own wicked mega corp." You should check it out, it'd totally be your thing.

Third: Just becayse Gibson goes 'blah,' I'm pretty sure that I'm still allowed to have fun with it.
Gibson's just pissed that he didn't think of it first. nyahnyah.gif
Shut up tanka, we've already had two or three gigantic, enourmously stupid flamefests over this. Please, please, please do not start another.

(yes, I realize you're probably just joking, but please realize what you could very easily start)
Yeah A, you're one to walk away from a little squabble.
QUOTE (Jrayjoker)
Yeah A, you're one to walk away from a little squabble.

Yes. I was being facetious.
Well, now that I know that William Gibson does in fact hate elves, my opinion of him has only gone up.

At some point after you express an idea, it's just out there for anyone to pick up on and maybe change a bit (or lots). He may not like SR, but at least he recognizes that he can't very well extract his ideas from other people's creative processes. He himself acknowledges he couldn't have done what he did without working with the ideas of others.

Good for him I say.
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