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Full Version: Rigging, Dumpshock and Feedback
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So, I've decided to play a rigger for the first time, and I'm trying to figure out how many ways a rigger can be hurt from his network. So far I've got a whole lot of examples, but I can't figure them out. I'd appreciate some info or page references on the subject.

I've got:

- the feedback he gets if he's jacked directly into a vehicle and it takes S or D damage: 6M or 6S Physical
- the feedback if he's dumped from a RC network: (RC deck rating + 4)S Stun
- the feedback if he's dumped from a drone which _wasn't_ destroyed: 5S Stun (note: does this apply if he's operating it as a primary, in captain's chair, or both?)

and the damage he takes if he's controlling a vehicle when it's damaged by an electrical attack: (RC deck rating +4)(damage code the vehicle took +1), with a Power reduction of 2 if the decker is controlling remotely. (Does captain's chair or primary mode make a difference in this case?)

I can't find the damage if the rigger is jumped into a drone which is then destroyed or damaged. (Is that the same as if he was directly jacked in? Is there a power reduction because he's not directly connected to the machine? Does it change if he's in captain's chair mode?)

Is there some kind of master list available for all the bad stuff than can happen to a rigger via his RC network or VCR?

Also, do I roll Body or Willpower to soak these various forms of damage?

I'd appreciate any and all help offered. Thanks.

I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure all of it is dumpshock and is resisted by willpower. smile.gif
Jacked into a vehicle (it doesn't say directly) and vehicle takes S or D wound, rigger resists 6M or 6S physical with willpower (dumpshock). This includes remotely jumped into one.

Dumped from a network, you're right, deck rating + 4 S stun in dumpshock.

Dumped from a drone not destroyed...... I think you mean if he is involuntarily jacked out of a vehicle (without the vehicle blowing up) I.E. someone unplugs him. Is 5S stun from dumpshock. This applies if hes using a remote control deck, or plugged into the vehicle, if hes doing anything where he would get a VCR bonus, it applies.

Drone/vehicle is synonimous as far as dumpshock goes. Drone gets destroyed, rigger resists 6Sphysical dumpshock.

Lastly, controlling vehicle damaged by electrical is as follows:
Power = (4+VCR Level) (-2 if remote control and not plugged in directly)
DL = +1 than the vehicle took, if naval, +2 power each step).
Physical if jumped into drone. Stun if captains chair or virtual dashboard.

If vehicle takes serious or deadly, rigger only resists normal dumpshock by those rules, and not care if attack was electrical or not.

Theres Pg 145 SR3, and pg 27 R3R has everything. Pg 156 describes exactly how rigger dumpshock is different than decker dumpshock.
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