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Full Version: The Internal Drone
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What cyber would be needed to do this.

I was thinking as a base

1. Skillwires + Activesoft for movement control
2. Autopilot linked to skillwires for direction control and hazard awareness
3. Cybersenses for sensors/awareness
4. Datajacks (RAS/ASSIST)

But what sort of rigging cyber would needed to achieve a initiative boost? The Medula Oblongatta and nervous system doesn't need much in the way of connectivity as it is already wired between the drone (ie you) and yourself, and the skillwires already provide an electronic response/feedback system.

How would you build an internal drone?
I always figured the initiative boost is because you are controlling a machine, which can always act faster than a person. In this case, you'd be controlling the meat body, I'd treat the body as a robot, with its own initiative, you give the orders on your init phase, it follows on its.
Just Pete
There was a very good article on this in the Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Everything Else (NAGEE), which is normally hosted on the Plastic Warriors dumpshock site. Since that's down for migration, you can find the updated and collected NAGEE 1-6 here, under the 'Entites' section, page 172, article titled "Sleepwalkers"
1. IMO it's not a very good article, the basic sleepwalker does almost nothing more than just having an multi-tasking SPU.

2. Initiative doesn't seem to have anything to do with raw speed, it's more related to how times a decision can be implemented within a combat turn.
While that is true, when your brain is tied directly to the car, the car is able to respond as soon as you think of what you want it to do. A persons body however, simply does not have the same kind of response time, just like a robot will use its own initiative and not the riggers.
The time it takes a meat-body to respond to a response situation whilst driving is on average .25 secs. The average reaction time in a human is .15secs, I just don't see why .10 sec makes such a big difference in a combat turn.

With a maximum of 5 actions in a turn that means the smallest time slice is .6 seconds. Even with poor reactions a legal driver can still react twice within the timeslice.

Even so,

By utilising skillwires, all meat-boby reactions have been bypassed. Electronic nerves firing specific muscles decided by computer guided by the cerebral input of the self-rigger should give an initiative boost just by itself.
Crusher Bob
You can also probably get a move by wire system implanted and make the MBW computer rigger adapted... (Hmm, time to add the mysterious cyberware flaw for those muchkins with high MBW systems). Your control computer is rigger adapted, and set up for remote rigging... Muhahha
Although MBW chews up both essense and life expectency.
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