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Alright, I've actually completed making a Rigger (BTW, thanks for the help everyone), only to discover it's probably one of the worst classes to start out as in this campaign (where driving around in a huge mega-tank of doom isn't quite as useful as being able to actually fit through a corridor).

So, I thought I'd look for some susggestions. What should I work for in my first, well technically second, character? I've been told (and it seems obvious) that a Street Samurai would probably be the easiest to work with, but I'm much more fond of utility characters (think Bard from D&D). Although if I'd best just stick to a Street Samurai for an initial game, that's what I'll take.

The books I have available are Third Edition, Companion, Rigger 2, Man and Machine, Cannon Companion, Cyberpirates, and New Seattle.
Crimson Jack
For a first character, you should make a decker/mage. wink.gif

No, really, a street sam would probably be pretty easy to make. If you wanted something with a bit more uniqueness, I guess, to him... you could make a street sam that relied less on chrome and more on bioware.

Also, if you didn't want to scrap your rigger, you could make him more of a drone rigger than a mega-tank of doom rigger. Just a thought. smile.gif
Samurai is an easy class to start with and depending on you back ground story could be a jack of all trades. What if he was a combat medic, or special forces, Navy SEALS, or just loaded up with Skillwires and tons of low level chips.
if you're looking for a jack-of-all-trades, try
a) taking Resources A or B and getting skillwires
b) taking Skills A or B and getting a buttload of skills... (my preferred)

personally i like going the techwiz route, with a chipjack (or 2) for knowsofts, mapsofts, and linguasofts. i get the skills so i can be OK in combat (usually pistol), ok as a backup decker, ok as a backup driver (car skill of 5), ok as a medic (non magical of course), and more...

basically, after taking a core group of skills for standard shadowrunning (stealth, pistol, computer, electronic, biotech/first aid, athletics, car, etc), i find out what the other characters don't have, or are weak in, and take those skills. No-one have Demolitions? then take it! The combat bunny might pick it up down the road, but until then, you're the man, and afterwards, if he boosts his higher, then you're still a backup. you could still get a low level skillwires system (rating 2 or 3) with expert driver and at least have a chance of doing something via chip if you don't have the native skill.
My first Rigger I made a "drone only" type of person. Yeah he had the "Team Van", but I made his focus on more portable drones or ones that could be called in if needed and would still allow me to participate physically in team situations.

Crimson Jack
Also, if you have the points to spare, it wouldn't hurt having a good firearms skill of some sort. Then, if you find yourself in a pinch where you can't use your drones or vehicle, you can still lend a hand with a weapon.
QUOTE (GrinderTheTroll)
My first Rigger I made a "drone only" type of person. Yeah he had the "Team Van", but I made his focus on more portable drones or ones that could be called in if needed and would still allow me to participate physically in team situations.

The problem I've encountered with drones is that silly game balance thing. I mean seriously, why can't I put a Vulcan Autocanon on a drone the size of a breadbox.

Really, my biggest problem with the rigger is that I had three pictures pop into my mind when I read about them.

1) A mega-tank of doom so big it rolls over entire skyscrapers and is piloted by a maniacaly laughing madman. Quite unrealistic, even in Shadowrun, but a satisfying picture none-the-less.

2) A horde of Artillery gunboat drones several hundred miles away from a lone rigger with his little flying scout drone, which procedes to give harmless coordinates to said artillery drones. Instant wasteland. Again, quite unrealistic, but satisfying picture none-the-less.

3) My most realistic picture, a rigger sent in with a group that uses drones concealed in a backpack for surviellance and advanced combat duty. The problem is, it's hard to make a combat drone (or hell, a drone with any sort of weapon) that's small enough to sneak into a location. Although, the idea of Commercial Explosives or Plastic C4, a RC Car, and a radio transmitter was quite a satisfying picture smile.gif.
LOL, nicely said Nessin. My particular character was more of the #3 type as you described. My drones where designed to get into areas sams or lack of magic couldn't. I had a few roto-combat-shotgun-type drones, but my intent was to make a rigger who could participate in the flesh as much as he was needed to.

Flying bomb is a fun idea.
i dont think u should give up as a rigger ,i usually try to tell new players you might as well jump in deep and learn now.

as a rigger goes dont try to put al your eggs in one basket mega tank rv.

try buying a limo,van,sports car,motorcycle,a few drones,good b/r skill,shotgun skill,and for downtown,sportscar for those fast getaways,and the van for the frontal asault drone operation platform ,and equip each as needed.

the limo doesnt need weapons or armor really because most the time aaa districts ya not going to get in firefight ,maybe a couple points but thats it and no weapons mostly surviellance stuff high sensors,recorders stuff like that.

sportscar ,what can you say nitro,nitro ,nitro,and more nitro,and a good sig.

the van now make that the tank, as close as you can, but keep it loking rusty and old for most occasions so it dont draw attention ,have drone racks,decker station,small warded closet for the mage to hide it ,trap door in bottom for sewer acess ,and gun ports lots of gun ports.

most importantly have a shop so you can change stuff around ,paint jobs mostly and sig changes,and remember a good vehicle aquisition knowledge skill is nice nothing like staking out that job in a stolen vehicle and not the same car day after day.

i could continue but i wont and remember if you lose one you still have the others and havant lost everything.
Waft said it right. DO NOT put all of your money in one Uber Vehicle. At some point in time, it might get blown up. When I play a game(any RPG), I ignore getting too comfortable with any piece of equipment like the plague. I've seen it happen in my games where I've had a rigger character. Sometimes they spend so much money and put so much attention in their vehicle that eventually the vehicle IS the character. I prefer the cheap and effective drones. If you want to do anything to your vehicle, jazz up the engine. If you are plowing through the streets in an obviously heavy armored vehicle the Metroplex Guard just might call in an air strike on you for practice.

Real Life Story:
SR 1 Published Run called Ivy and Chrome
Rigger spends whole game reading Rigger Black Book and sitting in his "Van o' Doom", occasionally deploying a drone or 2 to "keep an eye on things (ie, tell him when something important was happening)".
End of run group gets assaulted by 2 Hughes WK-2 Stallions.
Rigger shoots down one of the Helicopters.
Helicopter 2 fires a couple of missiles at his Van, evaporating it in the process.
Me: Make a body test.
Him: I've got a roll cage.
Me: "Sigh" Don't bother, the helicopter fires again.

nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif
Ha! That happened to our Rigger in our current campaign. He put a ton of money into a single van, and had a couple of drones. Several grenades and one rocket later, the van (which cost the majority of that rigger's starting resources) was toast. Granted, this was the first Rigger that this player has ever tried, and he actually has a good grasp of how vehicle combat and other "rigger stuff" works (does his homework).

The next Rigger he made (and his current character now) never puts more than five figures of nuyen in mods on any single vehicle... if he can't walk away from it, it's too expensive. He also has the "connected" edge for both buying and selling vehicles, and often carjacks vehicles on runs when needed (not for cash, but for getaways, that sort of thing) or buys a brand new vehicle if he feels that the run has been compromised. Very resourceful, and another way to "make a Rigger". The team knows that the Rigger and the getaway vehicle is an investment, and often helps pitch in for what is needed in any particular run.

Another thing he developed was a custom "toaster drone". While not actually a toaster (it's a Microskimmer), he once said that it was "about the size of a toaster" and the name stuck (along with the image of the AfterDark flying toaster). One of the runners would carry this on a run, and set it up if they feel they need some drone surveillance in spots where drones cannot usually go. It has an SMG mounted on it as well, for a small amount of fire support if needed.
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