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Okay, bear with me while I set this up:
The Remote Control utility is necessary (along with a rigger protocol emulation module) for a decker to talk to drones or CCSS. Of course, the decker cannot use Hacking or Control pool to control drones in captain's chair, which is all they can manage. R3r states that to take over a CCSS network a decker needs "a system control rig emulator(pg.95), a protocol emulation module(p.98), and a remote control utility(pg 73, Matrix)." Just under that it mentions that the decker gets a Control Pool equal to have of "his emulation utility's rating". I assume that the emulation utility is the Remove Control utility, and control pool can be used in the "Defeat Controlling Rigger in Rigger Combat" section.
So my question is (finally) what is the Remote Control utility good for. Is providing Control Pool really all that it does? What else is Control Pool good for? (for a decker who can only control drones in captain's chair) Do I really need a Remote Control utility at all, or does foregoing one just mean no control pool? Thanks.

Remote Control (Matrix pg. 73)
Accessing A Security System (R3r pg. 49&50)
think of it like the web browser of today, how are you going to surf the web without one?

you will find similar utilitys in matrix, just look at the utilitys needed to handle stuff like master and wireless interfaces...
the remote control utility provides an interface for a decker to communicate with drones. without it, he can't interact with drones at all, even in captain's chair mode.
But, other than providing control pool, is there any reason to get a rating 12 versus a rating 1 remote control utility?
And if not, what other uses are there for control pool that might motivate someone to get the rating 12 utility instead of the rating 1?
pretty much none, uless the utility puts a max level on how much skill that can be translated...
Kanada Ten
Wouldn't the RC utility rating be the limit of subscribed drones?
unclear. as best i can tell, the RC program basically acts as a VCR. according to the program description, it's possible to use the RC program to control a drone without using an RC deck at all--except that there aren't any rules for setting up a wireless link to a drone without using an RC deck.

it doesn't state it in the text, but i would houserule that the RC program rating be at least equal to the rating of the RC deck being used. i would also houserule that if you set up a wireless connection to a drone without using an RC deck (which would require yet another houserule), the rating of the RC program acts as the rating of your virtual RC deck.

the RC program does not, however, give you any control pool. at least, it doesn't say anything about that in my copy, nor in the errata.
That sounds reasonable.
What about my other question? What use is a Control Pool to someone who only uses captain's chair or CCSS?
ah. in CCSS, control pool can be used to aid things like defending your CCSS from intrusion, or intruding in someone else's CCSS. in captain's chair mode, you can't use any control pool.
QUOTE (mfb)
the RC program does not, however, give you any control pool. at least, it doesn't say anything about that in my copy, nor in the errata.

Sorry, mfb, I must've missed this sentence earlier.
R3r pg. 50: Decking a Rigged System
The decker has no Hacking Pool but receives a Control Pool equal to one-half (round up) of his emulation utility's rating.

Now the wording here is very bad, but I'm fairly confident that the "emulation utility" is the remote-control utility and not the system-control rig emulator or protocol emulation module, since the system-control rig emulator does not have ratings, and regular riggers use a protocol emulation module and it doesn't give them any Control Pool.
So, at least in this condition, the remote control utility does give Control Pool. I appreciate that it would be an extrapolation to suppose that it gives the decker a Control Pool in general, but that's why I was wondering if there was any other possible use for control pool, other than hacking a CCSS. Maybe electronic warfare? If there aren't any, then the question is moot, I suppose, but that's why I ask.
yes, you "missed" it. i certainly wouldn't have edited it while you were posting. how dare you accuse me of such a thing!

yeah, i agree with that. the SCRE allows an RC utility-using decker access to a control pool that can only be used while rigging a CCSS system.
I definitely like your house rule suggesting that RC utility limit the rating of the attached RC deck. That way someone can't just say, 'eh, screw the pool, I'm getting a rating 1 utility but a rating 10 RC deck.

Thanks for your help. Thanks everybody.
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