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Hey Guys,
I remember reading and laughing my rear off but can't seem to find where the thread was for that ridiculous search for stallone or whatever. Can someone direct me? Thanks.
Did you know Stalone did a porn movie before he became a big star?
Yeah, it was like a year before he became famous. He got paid like $200.
Here's a reference:
Cool but there was something else. A google search that was about stallone, I think was misspelled, and brought up some really funny pictures.
What does any of this have to do with Shadowrun?
Fresno Bob
I was thinking the same thing...
Sorry, the google search thing came up here on the boards a while ago with a bunch of SR humor. I remember thinking it was funny and just wanted to ask what the search was again. I've seen lots of humor that isn't remotely SR related on these boards but, if it makes you laugh and kinda goes along with what's being said, it gets submitted to the boards. I didn't mean to cause an upset over it.
There's a link with Shadowrun. The similarity between a Slyvester Stallone movie and Troll Porn. Argghhh!!! eek.gif biggrin.gif

Come on, lighten up! If it get out of hand, Adam can do his thing and lock this thread.
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