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well, even though i have yet to play in an SR game, i'm looking to exand my collection of books. Deckers and riggers interest me the most, so i've been looking on ebay, and i found a combo Matrix and Target: matrix set for 20 bucks, and a few rigger 3 books cheap, as well as just the matrix book cheap. So with that in mind, which is "more" helpful, outside of the SR3 book? I'm thinking Rigger 3 would be, as it gives you all of the vehicle custimization options, and whats the fun of being a rigger if you can't build/modify your stuff? I think the decker is a little better off using just SR3 canon stuff as you can buy stock decks and maybe some programs...
Rigger 3 is useful to more chacters where the matrix books are more for deckers and the GM. For an all-round useful book, go w/ R3. Get the others when you get a chance thuogh, they add a lot of flavor to the world.
Agreed with the above. R3 is more useful to everybody, not just Riggers.

"I need a car, but none of the ones in core interest me."
"Take a look at the back of R3."
"Oh, neat."
If you get R3, make sure it's the Revised edition.
that was actually gonna be my next questionhow much of a difference is there between R3 and R3R, but im guessing plenty, since they even printed a revised instead of just place an erratta on it.
IIRC, there were plenty of errata, as well as some missing sections.

Also, R3R has the old RBB images of some of the vehicles and drones.

Which is a pet peeve of mine as far as SR these of vehicles and guns!
well, i won a bid for matrix, so that should be comng to me late next week (gotta wait fort he lousy money to transfer into paypal first dang it) but unfortunately, i can't find a good copy of Rigger 3 revised on ebay, buty i just remembered i have a account too, maybe i can find it on there.
nope, not there either, anyone wanna sell me their R3R book? smile.gif)
If you get a Matrix/Target: Matrix bundle (or just Target: Matrix), I'd say you'd get more use out of it for general play than R3R. They're both good books, though.

i saw a bundle package, but unfortunately the bid was ending right as i was looking, and didnt have enough time to get a paypal set up in time. lousy 26K internet connections...

While i think the matrix will be useful, i think theres more room for customazation in Rigger 3, i mean, what goods just having a a "car" when u can upgrade it (especially as a rigger.
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