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Full Version: [ShadowsOfEurope] Troll Tickling
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Crimson Jack
What attribute would one need to default to for tickling a troll? Arguments could be made for a variety of attributes. grinbig.gif

edit: Sorry, wrong area. Didn't realize I was in SOE.
Ancient History
Willpower for working up the nerve, Reaction for pulling it off, Strength so they could feel it, Quickness to run away, Body for when you can't run away fast enough, and you have to fail an Intelligence test to even attempt it. Trolls may substitute with a Charisma test.
You're a strange bird, Jack.

Congratulations, AH... you brought a smile to my meat face. Hasn't happened in several weeks. I now have a small desert-camoed crowd making me claustrophobic as they try to figure out what I have found.

Three knew what a Troll was. Only one understood that this is a gaming forum.

I need to find a new line of work.
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