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hey guys ,got a question for ya,movement in combat has always ben a point of arguement in my group ,we understand how to determine how much one can move and all the penaltys associated with it ie...running mods ,walking mods ect....

our concern is when theres multiple initiative passes by multiple characters .how much can one move in each of there turns?

#1 26 initiative movement 18 [6X3]
#2 8 initiative movement 6 [2x3]
#3 15 initiative movement 12 [4x3]

just as an example use these stats and please explain how the rules would state how they move.the arguement in our group is this we seem to think that you divide the # of initiative passes you have by your movement and thats how many you can move in that initiative pass ,but it seems to make the faster characters actually move slower per each initiative pass because thay have to split of there movement across more initiative passes.this doesnt make sence to us someone help please.
I usually take the the number of passes the character with the highest initiative has and divide everyones movement by that. A character decides how fast they are going on their first action, and even if they don't have an action, can continue moving on phase 0 of each pass, highest reaction first. I really only enforce these rules if we plop down some minis on a battleboard.
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Take the total number of initiative passes there are, period (not how many each person has), divide total movement by that number, and that's how far you move each pass (again, not each pass you have an action in, but each pass at all).

3 passes.

#1 can go 18/3=6 a pass.
#2 can go 6/3=2 a pass.
#3 can go 12/3=4 a pass.

#2 and #3 may continue moving the last pass even after they have no more actions. #2 can move in the last two passes.
Necro Tech
Just to forstall a further question, my group plays that people with no actions remaining but still moving go on 1 of each pass until the turn is over. If there were four passes and you had 12 on your intiative roll, you go on 12,2,1,1.

Sorry, should have specified that they lose all ties after they run out of actions.
Actually, they go after everyones action at the end of each pass.
hm. it'd be an interesting, more realistic, and insanely rules-heavy houserule to make people roll the Athletics skill as if it were a vehicle skill, and use a variation of the vehicle movement/maneuvering rules for on-foot combat. i mean, as it is, any character has insanely precise control of their movement; this completely negates the days and days professional sportsplayers spend practicing lightness on their feet.
Kanada Ten
QUOTE (mfb)
i mean, as it is, any character has insanely precise control of their movement; this completely negates the days and days professional sportsplayers spend practicing lightness on their feet.

That's one of the things Quickness represents though. In theory it takes hours of training to get more than a four and that doesn't really allow much finess in combat.
in theory, sure. but say your character decides he needs to run around to the other side of the firefight for some reason. there are no rules to cover things like whether or not he trips and falls over one of the dead bodies littering the area, whether or not he fully gets himself behind cover, whether or not any of the bad guys see him as he darts from spot to spot, etcetera. yeah, as GM, you could make up some on-the-spot rules... but for realism, that sort of thing isn't something the GM should have to make up rules for.

i'm not saying it's a good idea; it's certainly something i'd never do--not in SR, anyway. i'm just sorta pondering the possibilities.
i dont think you need to go to extremes of using athletics as a vehicle manuver score .,but you could put a target #of 4 during the run using athletics to see if your character does trip,fall,ect...and lose his turn if hes trying to manuver to much in combat if the grounds littered with bodies.and if no athletics....quickness just add the moifiers for linking to an attribute.
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