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Full Version: [OT] Is half the net down?
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Is it my idea or half the net is down right now?

I can't access, CNN, Yahoo, Google,, GoO's forums, long etc...

Ancient History
<shrug> Works for me, JW.
Craptacular... I'll try to find out what's wrong here.
Same with me, yahoo, cnn, etc were down earlier (but up now). Some DNS server somewhere must have died.
Looks like Asia and Australia are having trouble right now, but South America seems fine.
Happens every once in a while, a big DNS server goes down, takes a few smaller ones with it. Most stuff is back though now.
Australia (at least Sydney) does not seem to be having trouble accessing any of those sites, either now or earlier.
I had trouble yesterday. I thought my computer was up to its usual uncooperative tricks.
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