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Full Version: Praise for Mission Briefing
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James McMurray
Last weekend I ran Mission Briefing (one of the Shadowrun Missions available at Fanpro's site. My players were shocked that they went through an entire session without having to soak damage (I didn't run the gangers scenario). But the run was still a challenge and it looked like they enjoyed it (except perhaps for the rigger, but he had no combat skills except ones used while rigging, and didn't opt to take part in any of the roleplayed sections).
I'm glad to hear that your team enjoyed the mission. The person you want to thank would be Bitrunner, who is responsible for the entire Shadowrun Missions program. Also, in the future, there is a specific forum for Shadowrun Missions, located in the Welcome to the Shadows section. Praise for particular modules, as well as feedback and other criticisms belong there.
James McMurray
Cool. If an admin would like to delete or move this thread, that's be great. smile.gif
Yep, check out Shadowrun Missions under the
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