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Friend of mine's planning to GM a campaign, in which the players are all (or mostly) smugglers. Riggers aplenty abound (though mostly vehicle and no drone riggers I know of). The problem is: While he (and I for that matter) are familiar with normal and astral combat rules, we haven't read up on vehicle combat/sensor tests/etc rules all that much. Besides the GM screen on, does any of you know of a reference sheet with the various tests, modifiers and turn sequences needed to do vehicle combat?
You can easy browse the Rigger section of SR3 and atleast reproduce the basic tests. I've actually scanned those sections of my book and have them pop-up as individual windows with dice rolling buttons and results windows complete with page references.

I prefer the electonic route, but nothing beats a well thumbed manual with some bookmarks. wink.gif
Gem the Troll
I really like Rigger 3 (revised or otherwise) because it has details on other aspects of rigging (ie freq jamming, electronic warfare, etc) that may prove useful. Atleast one of your riggers needs to get into drones. If for nothing else than just a little flier for recon and target allocation. I love electronics's not very exciting for the rest of the team, but that's one area one of my characters really shined. It saved our asses on a few occassions.
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