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Full Version: Shadows on OS X
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Hey, Does anyone know of a program that could be used to make floorplans?
My only requirments are it needs to be free, and run on OS X.
If someone knows about one of these I'd be much oblidged.
Other than Appleworks' Draw function or similar, not sure of anything free.

Edit: and come to that, Appleworks isn't free with the Power* line anymore. Bah.


It's not free, but it is shareware and it seems to have a pretty liberal trial period. Plus, it's only $33 to register, so it won't break the bank if you find it useful.

Unfortunately there's not a very large free software movement in the Mac community yet... Also, if you're not afraid of installing X11 you might look into using a Unix/Linux solution. There are a few programs out there in that should work if you're not opposed to that idea.
Er, aside from all of Fink and the Darwin people…

I have x11 and I'm not afraid of compiling myself, if it opens up more oppertunity.
OmniGraffle - free with OS X - should suffice for basic floor plans.
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