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Full Version: Bitbasher's revised SR3 Firearms Creation
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Okay this is hosted on my ISP webspace, and it was a direct htmp export from OO.o so it's ugly as all get out.

It's designed to work in the spirit of the FCG in the book, but all the values are adjusted quite a bit to be more sane, and that you can do on a given frame is adjusted. of you have any questions, please ask. Feedback is appreciated.

This table is balanced cost wise for production runs of firearms, not an individual custom gun. For a single custom guns multiply the cost by a bunch.

Link to the aforementioned horribly ugly page.

Comments welcome. Feedback appreciated. Beer optional.
The Grifter
LOL @ the description for the grapple gun. I totally agree, chummer.
I tried to leave on what was on the original table, but man.. that was hard to leave on. The comment was a compromise.

Incidentally no matter how hard I tried, the Dual Clip option didn't make it. I have standards! wink.gif
The Grifter
How convenient. LOL. Murphy makes hell for those who ask for too much. Trust me. I had enough problems with a single agazine in my Beretta in the service. Just to think of two... *shudder*
Appreciate the link. Looks good to me. I'm not running a game now, but I will be in a couple of months when the current game finishes. I think I'm going to use these rules - I like having different guns, but, man, the twink factor was just too high with the book rules.
There's still some twink factor but in all the cases I could find I limited it to within reason.

Thanks for the input folks. I'm still looking for things I missed, that need to be adjusted.
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