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Full Version: How much firepower do your team have?
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I had to group some of the items because I ran out of room.
er, you can't pick more than one. are you asking about individual characters?
QUOTE (mfb)
er, you can't pick more than one. are you asking about individual characters?

Yes. I figured that out after I typed the choices, tried to change it, got distracted, and only managed to delete enough to make the title a hidious piece of grammer.
Little Bill
While my own character has no weapons at all, being a physical adept, the team rides around in an RV with medium machineguns in the pop-up turrets, so our team effectively straddles both extremes.
Mostly MMGs, though I get good mileage out of missiles.

Why yes, I am a Rigger, why do you ask?

my main character's killed more people with his SMG than his bare hands, and he started out being much better with guns than melee. guess i'll mark him as pistols/SMGs.
my trusty (and barely modified) ak 98 has never let me down...
James McMurray
My group is currently maxed out at assault rifles. It wouldn't surprise me if they start looking for bigger and better guns though. A few of the players are really into ramping up the characters' power level, even though it also ramps up the danger level of the runs they get hired for.
None of the above. Magic is usually my prime weapon.
We've enough gunbinnies in my PnP group that I settle for splat guns, gel rounds and tasers whenever possible. The way my character sees it, there's everyone else to deal out heavy damage, an unconscious person is going to cause as little trouble as a dead one, mr. Corp will be happier if you let his people live than die after a run and the star is less likely to ask uncomfortable question sif you're packing a taser than a smg.
We were ARs-and-SMGs up until last session, when the team was in the Arc at shutdown time. Now they've got two (2) light pistols, one (1) stun baton, three (3) large kitchen knives from a Mrs. Fields' Cookies, and one (1) improvised club.

SO AWESOME. cool.gif
I love the option of going non-lethal. I hate to think that I would have 100 different vendettas after one run. OTOH, I typically equip my characters with at least one heavy pistol and a combat shotgun, for when it absolutely has to be dead right now!
Crimson Jack
What? No option for spellslingers?! smile.gif
Voted for assualt rifle since there wasn't a carbine option.
Which makes sense, what with there not being carbines in Shadowrun…

There are, but they're just counted as SMG's. The AK-97 carbine, for instance.

Or in the case of those wacky multi-weapons (like the Steyr) they're assault rifles.

Edit: rotfl.gif
My team mostly use Pistols and Assault Rifles. My character mainly uses Shotguns, occasionally something heavier, but is pritty good at hth. Our were eagle has almost no fire arms skills, hes close to mastering making calls on the mobile phone, so swords are his thing.

Between us we actually have amassed a large amount of military hardware, assault cannons, miniguns, LAWs, MAWs and thousands of rounds of funky ammo. Most of it we have never used, nor will we sell it on, as every two bit ganger could get hold of apds then and the streets would become a warzone.
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Which makes sense, what with there not being carbines in Shadowrun…

The very last group I played with I talked the GM into allowing us to use Raygun's guns and ranges. smile.gif
Given that he left out canon weapons like the laser weapons and monowire, I don't think you can really complain about the lack of carbines smile.gif

Mostly SMGs. Sometimes characters of mine used assault rifles and twice a medium mg. but that's it.
The Grifter
I'm the resident gunbunny of the group, as a physad, even more so than our sammy. Basically name a weapon and my character has it, not to mention customized versions of them. However, I typically only carry a pair of tricked out Predators, a Tiffani self Defender in a glove holster, and maybe a knife. Other weapons are chosen from the arsenal to suit the mission.

On the other hand, our group's rigger has the cliche van full of commo gear, drones, and concealed miniguns, our samurai is just a fraggin tank that mostly uses his spurs, and the rest of the group goes for lpistols/smg's/ or shotguns, aside from our shaman.
Everyone in our group has their own weapon type. Magic user, rifle master, I have a pair of pistols... hell, we even have a guy shooting arrows.
Crimsondude 2.0
Pistols (for each PC)

Twin Sig Sauer P226 pistols.

One Sig Sauer P226 and one Colt Commander (smaller Manhunter) as a backup piece.

One Savalette Guardian with extended mag and one Colt Manhunter.

Colt Manhunter.

Ares Predator III, FN Five-Seven, and a WW Infiltrator.
Almost always pistols, with the occasional SMG and very rare "break it out only when absolutelt necessary" rifle or heavy weapon. In fact, one of the runners keeps his Panther Assault Cannon buried on the grounds of a girls' boarding school, nice and out of the way. If memory serves, he's broken it out exactly twice: once to fight a dragon, once to fight a Queen Bug.

Since most of our runs are orientated around the urban setting, carrying aught else but pistols is contraindicated. And besides, most of us have managed to get security licences for pistols under various names, courtesy of the runner who set himself up as a legit security provider for just that purpose.

[ Spoiler ]
Gotta go shotgun. There's just something classy about a big old slug-thrower.

Of course, my all time favorite fight scene involved a character who had a MFW, swinging it about him while driving his BMW2050 at breakneck speeds down a Seattle street.
May favourite combat happened in our last session. Three characters and six opponents. Dark night, nearly no light, a ,ot of cover (took place in an abandoned house) and usual TNs of 11. Was way cool, with a lot of tactic. Much better then fights which only last 2 rounds and with average TN of 3. smile.gif
The White Dwarf
Voted Shotgun/AR since thats the typicall level of fallback "oh crap we have to shoot our way thru this" level. That said, its not the default level (most of the time) nor the highest level (again most of the time). Typically it starts at pistols/smg level and moves all the way up to rockets, lmgs, etc depending on opposition and situation; but the 'rifle' sized weapon is the default for most of the group in a dangerous firefight.
Rifles. My character(if I do not GM) use carbines(multiweapon systems), sport rifles and sniper rifles.

But for my gaming group, weapons run the whole gamut, from ultraconcealable pistols to naval guns
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