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Full Version: What Book Is Adept Power - Wall Run In?
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I've seen it in the NSRCG, but I can't find it in the book, where is the Wall Run adept power, and how many power points does it cost?
SOTA '64.
how many power points does it cost to purchase?
1 PP, but it's pretty limited for the cost.
You can move your magic rating in meters before re-activating the power IIRC, which means you can run up a 2 story wall fairly easily but you gotta stop and start again for longer runs.
One thing I wasn't clear on, it restarts when you do something acrobatic, right? So you can jump from one wall to the other and with two walls you can keep climbing as long as you make your skill checks,?
It doesn't state that in so many words. I believe it says that Athletic moves require a check, but after moving each (Magic Attribute) Meters you require a 'break point or landing'.
the short answer is that instead of I think a climb speed of quickness/3 meters per turn, your climb speed is basically increased to magic rating.
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