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Full Version: NSCRG abbreviations
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James McMurray
I'm looking through the .dat files for NSCRG in order to find out what cyberware came from Cybertechnologies, but I'm not sure which abbreviation is used for that book.

Anyone in the know that can help me out?
You might have a problem there - I think a lot of the Cybertech gear made it into Man and Machine, so it would be listed there by default.
As I said in another thread, just go to Options and remove all the books besides Cybertechnology. Then just go over what is still available for purchase (make sure that the Availability option is turned off).
Kanada Ten
James McMurray
Thanks all, I figured out the abbreviation and followed Fortune's advice. Unfortunately DrJest is right: there's hardly anything listed as being from Cybertechnology. frown.gif
I'm not in touch with the latest in SRCG development [I'm mostly a Mac guy now], but I suspect that for SR3 compatability, most of the stuff that was in Cybertechnology has been replaced by the M&M versions.
Yeah. Oh well, I tried. frown.gif
To find what the abreviations are for something, here's a quick check.

In the chargen directory, go to the data subdirectory. Then open the file called books.dat using notepad, or any similar text program. All the books and their abbreviations are listed in there. Except Rayguns, which will be in the next update.

On a related note, the range.dat file will show the range breakdown of all the different weapon types.
Sorry, I didn't see this until now....
In answer to your question, I don't believe that there is anything directly from the CyberTechnology book.
Reason: When I started to create the program, there was no module system. So I took the previous DAT files (Paolo's work) and added the book-entry with a default of SR2. Then I added the 3rd edition stuff including the M&M. Anything that was duplicated was eliminated in favor of the newer stuff. So you won't find an entry for CT. I don't own that book so if you wanted something, you'll have to add it yourself... or somebody could send me an update with the info. biggrin.gif
Kanada Ten
There are several entries for Cybertechnology in the DAT. It's just that SR3 overwrites most of the good ones.
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