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Full Version: What Martial Arts For A Stealth/Infiltrator Adept?
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As one of my other posts suggested, I'm making an Adept Infiltrator type build, and I'm wondering what kind of Martial Arts style would be best? I'm looking at silent killing if possible, etc
Despite its incongruity, by the books, I'd suggest Muay Thai or its variants. Assuming surprise on the part of the attacker, a Muay Thai Kick Attack will almost certainly knock out an opponent.
Any of the grappling/subdual techniques will work well as well.
Subduing Combat do not offer any advantage in terms of stealth, in fact, it takes longer to subdue a target through Subduing Combat than by simply hitting him unconscious straight away.
Not entirely on topic, but my favorite is Hand Taser, the melee skill of using a zero-range pocket taser. No canon rules for them that I can find, but I treat different models of them like shock gloves/supershocks/pulsars that are easier to hide.

Our groups have also stolen from the chromebooks the idea of a melee-range Narcojet called the Drug-a-Thug. Same skill.
James McMurray
If going unarmed, definitely pick up some shock gloves. If you don't manage to kill the enemy in the first shot, you'll put him at huge penalties.
and also render him unable to act for a few passes. shock gloves are really underrated.

you might consider kenpo/karate, and getting the Full Attack maneuver. if you surprise an opponent, they can't fight back, which negates the penalty associated with using Full Attack. kenpo grants +1 die when using Full Attack.
Take the jujitsu/sambo option and try to wrangle a choke maneuver out of your GM. Short of breaking the guy's neck, a good old blood choke would be the best way to KO someone with a minimum of fuss and time wastage. Unless you have killing hands at Deadly, in which case, you should look at getting the greatest numbers of power improvements.
If it were me, I'd take one of the martial arts that lets you learn maneuvers with clubs. Easier knockout with your clubs skill, plus if it all hits the fan, you'll be able to hold your own against the opposition.
Escrima, then. Hit them with a heavy stick from behind.

And when I mentioned grappling earlier I intended it to mean chokes and submission holds more than wrestling.
James McMurray
Generally speaking power of an attack is much less important than its base damage level and the number of successes you can get. You'll be better off getting your skill as high as you can and then adding on improved ability dice. You should be able to get 16 dice (including combat pool) for your attack fairly easily. As long as you've got close quarters combat to ignore their reach you should be able to consistently destroy your opposition in a single attack. Tacking Shock Gloves on top of that just makes it even more likely you'll ruin the guy's day.

And with the timing of healing stun damage you can probably get away with not having to kill people unless they deserve it.
James, I think that is the crux of shadowrun right there. Lower the vendetta threat and you are a better runner.
because of the way melee damage stages, that's less true for melee than it is for firearms. with firearms, the target has to soak through all of the successes you get above D before they can start reducing damage. with melee, D is as high as the damage goes; the first two successes they get on the staging test reduce it to S.
I'd say brawling, stun weapons and a good silenced gun or narcojet pistol.
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