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Full Version: Dragons of the 5th world
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Dragons are coming

Apparently BBC and the discovery channel have been making a pseudo-documentary series about dragons, describing how dragons could have evolved and looked like and so on. I don't know the educational or even entertainment-value of such a program, but here goes.
Dragon sightings herald the rest of the Awakening right?
According to the trailers, the program attempts to prove/disprove the validity of dragon legends across the world, their similarities, breeds, ect. Similar to one done a few years ago about the differences & similarities of Mayan, Egyptian & Incan pyramids, they're going to use anthropologists, theoretical scientists & cutting edge CGI to make an interesting program. It may be worth watching.
Safe to say - just about *every* joint production between the BBC and Discovery turns out to be a good quality program.
Thank you Tevo.
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