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I dont have the new shadows of europe as of yet, i was wondering is madagascar covered and if not has anything been done with it so far ? Im looking for canon or rumour here.
Kanada Ten
Madagascar is in Africa and is covered in Cyberpirates! and is enshrouded in a mysterious forest which is either full of dragon eggs or insane clowns. Possibly both. I'm not kidding.
Ya that part i know , what im interested in is it dragon eggs or quinn ? Do you realize how big a piece of land Madagascar is to be unclaimed ? It would make for a excellent long term plan, once the pirates are gone that is or at least bartered with down to a free port.
Demonseed Elite
Madagascar isn't in Shadows of Europe. There's no real reason for it to be. But I bet it'll be in Shadows of Africa when that eventually comes around.
Kanada Ten
Give them time, the corps still have the rest of Africa to claim...

A previous thread: Madagascar, What's going on there?
QUOTE (Demonseed Elite)
Madagascar isn't in Shadows of Europe. There's no real reason for it to be.

This follows, as Madagascar's not in Europe. smile.gif

Wasn't it updated slightly in Target: Smugglers Havens, though?
Thanks for the thread, i guess ill have to wait for shadows of africa then.
Whats this about a hydra there ? i dont recall anything about that.
Large Mike

I don't know about a Hydra, but there *is* apparently a humongous clutch of dragon eggs.
Well the dragon eggs dont really supply a reason h quinn would be there, but he would cover it up. Still i dont have smugglers havens , so any additional data would be helpful. Quinn would need a better reason than dragon eggs to be there wouldnt he, well i suppose i might be ahead of canon on this one. sigh
Ancient History
Ye might be thinking of Fanany rather than a hydra.
There's also a small mention of a bar that operates in Fort Dauphine in SotA 2064 that I keep meaning to add to the Wiki.

And on the dragons, for all we know there might not actually be any at all. The guy that posted says that he apparently saw Harlequin, well he describes someone that looks pretty much like him. But there is definately something strange going on with the place.
Gyro the Greek Sandwich Pirate
QUOTE (Silver-Fang)
Quinn would need a better reason than dragon eggs to be there wouldnt he

I'd have to say dragons eggs are a fairly compelling reason to visit.
Fabulous work on that dragon / immortal site btw. Fanany seems to be a real possibility here. Im wondering what dragon eggs go for as a street index ? eek.gif
With all the dragons mentioned in DotSW i would give them a rating of 8. biggrin.gif
Ancient History
Thankee S-F, I do try.
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