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Full Version: Rigger in need! Speed Ratings?
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I've followed the story arcs for awhile now but only recently started playing (as a drone rigger), and I'm having some trouble with the vehicle rules.

SR3 mentions "speed ratings" in several sections, but these seem to be different than the speeds listed on the vehicle attribute sheets. I know the formula for converting kilometers-per-hour into meters-per-turn (multiply kph by .83), but converting the speeds doesn't match the book's examples. For instance, on page 142 of SR3, the example says that a Lone Star Cruiser has a speed rating of 240. But even if the car in question is a Lone Star Honda GM Turbo (the fastest lone star car I could find in the lists), that only works out to little over 160 mpt (190kph =163 mpt). Can someone help me out here? Thanks.
Austere Emancipator
Vehicles can move at up to 1.5x their Speed Rating under their own power (sr3.132). That means a car with a Speed Rating of 240 can move at up to 360 meters per CT. One meter per CT = 1.2 kilometers per hour = 0.7458 miles per hour, so the car in question can move at up to 268mph.
Though they do start taking Stress. The writers may have gotten lazy and pulled numbers out of the air rather than making them match specific vehicle stats (which may or may not have been finalized for 3rd edition, though I'm not sure how much would have changed).

The speed rating IS in m/ct not kph.
Thanks for the clarification guys.
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