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Full Version: Long Campaigns or One off Games?
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Hi all, I'd like to get an opinion of the lengths of games people here like to play.

I hope this works, of all the forums I've ever visited, this is the first poll I've ever started! wink.gif
I prefer long-running games, especially with a game like SR - if I'm going to get my players to put in as much effort into chargen and so on as I'd like, then we all want to get the most out of it.

I haven't actually run much SR the last couple of months though, as I'm just recovering from a year and a half long L5R game...
The great thing about L5R player mortality is that most of the time it's down to seppuku... eek.gif
We've been playing a short series of games but I'm pushing to run a longer campaign.
I wouldn't especially call my input "the style of play here," or whatnot, but generally speaking I practice a mixture of the two. Several of my gaming group have a long-standing character (~200 karma, for some, much much more for others) that we keep around and use fairly often; old favorites, who are known to either game together or make quick cameo appearances in various storylines. At the same time, though, I'd be willing to say there's an average of 15-20 characters a piece that see only occasional use, almost in a "one off" fashion, sporadically being tossed together for lower-power or very heavily themed games.

So, yeah. "A little of both" would be the poll selection I'd pick if there were one.
As algs stated we have been running some short games. I believe the will be running a long compaign and I will start on the older adventures. smile.gif
We've been doing mainly 10 week campaigns. Each quarter at school, we switch GM's. I've really wanted to do a long campaign, but everybody else seems to like this system.
Long term campaign. So far it's survived...better than 4 years, at least. I usually bend to the players wishes, and if they're willing to put time and effort into char gen and background and everything else, the least I can do is throw together a campaign where the efforts pay off as long as possible. And since I'm down to only 1 player, it's not too difficult.
I've done some one shots for online groups, too. All in all, tho, I actually prefer doing the long term thing for some reason. Maybe because it's cool to see whether or not all the work I did was worth anything.
I used to make up larger scope campaigns that lasted several sessions, but recently our players infrequently make it out for games, so our list of available runners continually fluctuate.

Now I plan one-off games that may (one day) tie together with one another. It's easier that way given my groups current situation.

If things stabilize and we get a core group, I may go back to running multi session games.

on shadowland, we've been playing Brainscan since 2000. i think it's finally died, though.

biggrin.gif i think shadowrun development of characters over a long period of time is the best way to have a really good game and team work with your other runners especially if you have played with the team over a long period of time, it makes it more fun........ but on the other hand a short sharp shot is alway good for a laghf!!

torz wink.gif
I'm confused... Is option one 'Play Shadowrun until *I* die' or until my character dies? Because I plan on playing Shadowrun in the afterlife too.
Well, the intention of my game is to develop the characters over the long haul. How long that lasts is up to the players.
I like long campaigns, but sadly enough I haven't played in one yet. I gm'ed one that lasted 4 runs or so, but we often used several sessions a run, and with never more than one SR session a week we had that one for a year or so.

I usually play in long-running campaigns. My actual one (as a player) is supposed to last very long, despite the fact than we play only rarely, like every third or second week.
I never played in one-shot games or short campaigns, as i like the development a character has in a longer campaign.
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