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Full Version: Magic Rules Question
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Mark McCrea
A bit new still to Shadowrun and I am making my third character and I got a bit extra creative.

I started with a human base, physical adept. This wasn't quite what I was going for, and I had recently gotten the Shadowrun Companion so I looked at the point buy options. I then decided that using point buy to take Physical Adept and Shaman or Shamanist of Spider. The concept here is a hunting spider, and the physical adept powers are chosen to help emulate the hunting techniques of a jumping spider.

Currently I am here for a couple of rule clarifications.

The first, Is it possible to be Shaman and a Physical Adept at the same time using the point buy system?

We are wondering since they felt the need to make a physical adept power that trades power points for magic points, and I have heard about people talking about physical mages on this forum, and didn't know if there were any rules specific to this. particularly when initiating how many metamagics, spells points, and power points are acquired per initiate level could get a bit .

When I can get my hands back on the books I have The Shadowrun Companion, Magic in the Shadows, SR3 Core book, Man and Machine, and Rigger3 for books so if you can get some page numbers for me to show my brother the GM that would be helpful.

Also be geasa, I have a geases magic point and a geases adept power under consideration. Correct me if I am wrong here. My understanding is that when the geasa is lost the magic point is lost, and the attendant power point until the geasa is fulfilled again.
For the geases adept power, the power stop functioning when the geasa is not fulfilled.
Have I correctly interpreted the rules here since I have choosen one talisman geasa (on lost magic point for being ghoul), and one meditation geasa for the Increased Reflexes power, I would only loose one or the other, but not both at the same time when one of the geasa is broken?

For powers I was looking at
Increased Reflexes 2 (geased (meditation) 2.25 pp)
Pain Resistance x2 (1.00 pp)
Killing Hands or Improved ability (weapon type) for 1pp
Great Leap x2 (0.50 pp)
Sustenance (0.25 pp)
Adhesion (1pp) (This is not canon, but I was allowed it by the GM since it fit well with the concept of a spider being able to climb across walls, and similar)

I found a need to conserve bp with 110 going into Adept, Shaman, and Stats so I am thinking Shamanist instead of Full shaman which is why all of the spells I'm looking at are illusion.


Improved Invisibility F5
physical camouflage F5
Physical Mask F5
Tri-D Phantasm F5
then some Chaos, chaotic World, or similar for combat.

WIl 8

I got eight will power by spending some BP on improved attribute for 7 and then becoming a ghoul. Being a ghoul is somewhat a risky aspect, particularly if I go to any amount of conjuring. I'm asking it someone can give some advice on the feasibility of this character and perhaps some better power or spell choices.

Thank-you in advance.

Just a Random Thought for the Day. cyber.gif
Umm, my nuderstanding is that you don't get to buy multiple Magic types, you can be:
A full magician or an adept or an aspected magician
not a Sorceror and an adept at the same time.

the closest exception is the Path of the Mage Adept which is an Adept with spell casting ability
Physcal mage stuff is in MITS and work a little different. You have to allocate your Power points to the "Spellcasting power". Every PP you put into it raises the effective magic rating for resisting drain. If only one point is allocated, then force 2 spells could potentially cause physical drain, but I don't have my book handy. Also, if you lose a PP it is the spellcasting power that goes first. So, you would have to adjust the powers you listed. As a GM, I would eliminate the adhesion power and just make you take Gecko Crawl.
Some suggestions being a Ghoul:

Get mystical armor or astral armor. You are gonna be glowing on the astral like crazy considering that you only have astral sight. IIRC.

Pick up Masking by initiating ASAP. Anywhere in downtown that you go and many astral security patrols are going to tag you.
Don't forget that physmages are Magic priority A characters, or a full 30 pts under the point system. I'm too lazy to crunch the numbers myself on his character, to see how many he spent.
Mark McCrea
Thanks for the clarification on the rules with respect to what magic priorities I can take to have physical adept with spells.

I had not thought of taking masking but thats a pretty good idea for hiding what the character is especially combined with a spell such as Mask.

Just a Random Thought for the Day cyber.gif
Eyeless Blond
Btw, if all you want are Illusion spells, you can take the Shaman's Geas (see p. 32 MitS) on your Magical Power ability (if you're a physmage of course). This still gives you full access to Conjuring, btw, as Spider gets a totem advantage to all nature spirits at a reduced cost.

If all you want to do is cast spells and not conjure at all, I'm sure your GM will allow you to use that as a Condition Geas (no Conjuring ever) instead.
also the adept mage is very limited on spells in the beginning. be sure to read all the rules applicable and check the shadow run main site for the errata and FAQ's regarding them.
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