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Full Version: WHich I have to play?
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I always used adventures created by me. Now I do not have so much time and I want to try something that is not mine.
independently from the timeline I would like to play one of those:
1) brainscan campaign
2) First Run
3) Wake of the Comet
4) Survival of the Fittest

I understand that these produts are organized and designed with different targets in mind (for ex. Brainscan is the opposite of First Run) but, in any case: is around anyone who can say me what is the best of those products?
A rating between the best and the worst (1-4) would be appreciated.
1) Food Fight
2) Brainscan
3) Survival of the Fittest
4) The rest of First Run

Disqualified for never having actually read: Wake of the Comet.

any other opinion???
Will you play a one-shot out of the books ore the whole campaing? Survival of the fittest as well as Brainscan are campaigns, that's why i ask.
well, it depends.
ideally i would like to start with an adventure. Then we will see (depending on the reactions of players).
Even if I do a campaign I would like not to be restricted, in the sense that, if I want to insert 2 adventures of mine between the first and the second of any of thee campaigns I can do it without difficulty. Well, I understand that even if there is a difficulty I (the Master) can change to thing to fit my requirements.
So, for me is just the same.
SO brainscan & Survival of the FIttest are campaigns, while Wake of the comet is not a campaign? I've already noticed that fist run is not a campaign.
SO, what are your advices and your ratings?
I would accept even advices like "the second adventure of Sof sucks" or " do not play the third one of WoK", etc...
hey? Nobody answering?
As I remember, the adventures in First Run are wholly independent of one another. Survival of the Fittest can easily have other runs interspersed. Brainscan for the first half or so is easily interspersed (with the exception of the first two runs), and indeed it's even recommended.

So i would suggest Survial Of The Fittest. But not the first adventure, it really sucked. At least in my memory (i had been player). smile.gif
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