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Gyro the Greek Sandwich Pirate
I just had the player on whom the next run was going to be heavily reliant on tell me he wouldn't be able to make tomorrow's game.

I spent all week working on this upcoming run, and so I have nothing planned.
Can someone point me to some short runs, or modules, or anything, really? Or throw something on the boards that would be easy to start a mission that could be run on the fly?

Many thanks.
Wounded Ronin
Take a D&D dungeon crawl module and as a novelty let the SR characters blaze through it with guns and potentially unlimited spellcasting?
1) Food Fight!

2) Package delivery. Team gets a package in a McHughes, needs to get it somewhere else. Catch is, they cannot under any circumstances be followed. The people after them don't care so much about taking the package, they just want to know where it's going.

Be the ones following after said package.

Simple wetwork (always a way to spark some interesting strife).

Contact needs help.
Lots of fun things there.
Infected Greetings and Runaway Joe are both relatively short/simple adventures.
Wing it.

Some of the most fun one shots I have done have been completely off the cuff, with very little reason given for why it happens.
What is going on in your game?

Does a players contact need help? Anyone got enemies? Has a troll gang moved in near their hangout?
one of the best times i ever had was when my gm made us use standard sec-type guys and had to face off against a group of runners that looked surprisingly familiar... it's always nice to see how the "other half" lives (or dies, as the case may be.)

Interesting... Ill keep that one in mind.
Have an old enemy snatch the character of the player that's missing, and have the players try to get him back.
Deliver the Johnson's dry cleaning to his favorite place, deep in the barrens.

Your local pizza delivery place is sick of some stinkin' prank callers. Find them and kill them.

The ghouls are revolting! A group of particularly literate ghouls have ganged together, and are marching on city hall to protest the fact that they are reduced to living off human drek deep in the sewers. Burn them all.

Dizzo Dizzman
Here is a quick and fun run I've run more than once:

Runners hired by eco-group to prevent an assassination attempt on a pro-environment mayoral candidate (or city council). They suspect that the candidate's main aid may have sold out to local A rated corp.

Their plan: they have planted four assassins as kitchen help and plan to put a bullet in the candidate's head at a speech in five days at the (insert name of metroplex's stadium here).

The runners can either 1) do the legwork and figure out that 5 new hires on the kitchen staff is suspicious, 2) shadow the aide without letting the aide know that something is suspicious, or 3) just follow the candidate around incognito and hope to stop the assassination at the last minute.

All three groups I've run this on have picked option 3. All three had at least one team member who talked to the press afterwards and became a local hero. All three later realized that this really ruins a good shadowrunning career!!!

QUOTE (nezumi)
The ghouls are revolting!

We already KNOW ghouls are revolting. The eat human flesh, for heaven's sake... oh wait, that's not what you meant. *grin*
Let them take part in a headhunt. Someone wanted by a corp, syndicate or even the government is supposed to show up in the town of the runners. It's a good amount of cash placed on his heads, so the runners could make a good profit. Sure, other parties want the unlucky guy as well....
Show them a copy of the big D's will, and tell them to pick a topic.
If you want to hold onto your game then pause things and have some fun. Draw up a map, or find a map from somehwere and run what we call "Fight Night". Roll initiative, and have at it. Last man standing gets a point of karma.

Add in some GM NPC's, traps, or what not, and practice gaming skills outsideof continuity.
QUOTE (Club)
Show them a copy of the big D's will, and tell them to pick a topic.

This is the #1 suggestion. Literally 1,000s of run ideas in there. Email me about it but hurry.

You could ask your players what they want to do. Put the ball in thier court.
Gyro the Greek Sandwich Pirate
QUOTE (algcs)
What is going on in your game?

Does a players contact need help? Anyone got enemies? Has a troll gang moved in near their hangout?

Thanks much for all your suggestions. With your help, I'm sure I'll have something ready by tomorrow.

As for what's going on, well, the player whose contact needed help is currently gone...but all is well.

See, the problem is, this is a relatively new game, and all the runners are far too paranoid to actually let each other know where they live, or do things for each other when money isn't involved....
Large Mike

Just tumbing through my cache of emergency runs...

Have a run to re-arrange some corperate furniture to disturb the feng shui (sp?) of the office. Trick is it has to stay that way for a coupla days.

Have them get something out of a safe deposite box in your local bank. Bank jobs make runners *nervous*.

Have them hunt down a drake for an interested thrid party.

And, if all else fails, throw them in some facility and fill it with zombies. Everyone enjoys the occational break for zombies.
Crusher Bob
Especially if its a zoo or aquarium...

The runners go to extract some guy from the zoo, but another team already tired and screwed thigs all up, releasing the extractees sample of zombie gas...

Now the pcs are facing a wall of man-eating zombie zoo animals...
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