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Full Version: What alternate campaigns do people use?
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Just wondering, as there are two books dedicated to smugglers and pirates and lots of space spent in other books on alternate campaigns in the SR. Was this just a waste of resources or do someone actually use it?

I could have included more possible campaings above, but I believe these to be the most relevant and there's a max of 10.
one yak's (currently going) and one mafia. Also one w/ a PC coming OUT of the Vory (and being hunted).
Crimsondude 2.0
Well, I was involved in a couple of Po campaigns (1 was Feds) or played cops generally, an OC campaign, a couple of spies (but nothing played at the moment), and a pirate/smuggler campaign that never got off the ground.

For some reason, I was suddenly struck by the joy I have that so far FanPro has never really expanded on background info on the Trained to be Ghosts alternate campaign idea from the SRComps like the spook chapter in SOTA64.
My home-group does a lot of organized crime stuff, often one shots, but there have been some military campaigns.

I've recently acquired an amusing itch to try an eco-terrorist campaign.

Most of the groups I run tend to be new players, so I've mostly done straight SR recently.
I had to vote 'Other', because that's the closest choise to 'All of the Above'.
Patrick Goodman
I voted "Other" because, as my recent TSS article might imply, I'm running a darkish superheroic campaign. When we get to play, that is....
I loooove the organized crime angle. SO many different crime syndicates, so little time.
I have recently been involved in an 'Indiana Jones' type, including a visit to Giza to track down an interesting artifact.

I was also involved in one where we sought a relic that was also being sought by Jesuits. Awakened Jesuits. Going up against the Catholic church and then getting involved in a not quite shooting war between brotherhoods was an experience.
Other. High school.
We have a mix of pirate and org. crime campaign running. we play at miami, so pirates are easy, but they are involved with the mafia over there too. In most of the groups i played over the years the org. crime tends to come into play with the chars. After all, both runner and mobster are criminals.
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