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Full Version: Way of the Cowboy
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I'm sorry. The idea struck and I couldn't resist.

It kind of sprang from the argument over adept Ways that went on recently. I was just reading an old JT Edson novel and it struck me - the romantic image of the cowboy plus an impressionable physad, and boom...

So powers that fit the way would be... what do you say?

Improved Reflexes (most cowboy heroes are quick on the draw)
IA: Pistols, possibly rifles for a more Ysabel Kid/Annie Oakley type.
IA: Riding
Animal Empathy (Horses)

Anything else?
Quick Strike and the Attunement (Horse) Metamagic. biggrin.gif
IA: Survival

Telescopic Vision, Iron Will, etc etc.

Just about any of them fit really, except for close combat powers.
You could try to talk your GM into allowing an Improved Ability that covered both Clubs and Edged Weapons but was geased to Only with Bottles…

Nimble fingers perhaps? (reload that six shooter a bit faster at least)
You could geas off a cyberholster with the "must be wearing 37.85 liter hat" geas (or the "must be wearing "Dallas" line of armored clothing" geas)
IA brawling would not be out of place,

nether would IA edged weapons geasa only aplyes to knives if you went the knife fighter rout.

The Grifter
Don't forget, gotta have plenty of TNT.
huzzah, i cowboy
mfb is my hero. That article is very good in my opinion. I'd get some good prep material and watch Pale Rider, and some other classic bad ass westerns too.
O Discordia!
Blaine is a pain, and that is truth.
i'm pleased with the fact that the article focuses on the gunslinger style, rather than introducing a bunch of shooting-related adept powers.
IA: Performance for those oh so sad cowboy songs
I could see Unarmed specialized in boot spurs, or just Kicks

knowledge skills in cattle and land navigation

some medical skills wouldn't be amiss

IA: Whips to cover lasso or make it it's own skill

I forget the name of the power that lets you fall unharmed, but that would be handy for jumping onto your horse without ruining your night with the ladies.
Sandoval Smith
Freefall, and as for improved abilities, pistol, rifle, and shotgun would all be appropriate.
i love that power. i take great satisfaction in describing the pavement cracking apart under the unbearable impact when my character steps off the top of a third-story building.
Wounded Ronin
Does SR have any kind of equestrian system?
well, some of the rules are horseshit. (hah, i kill me.)
Don't forget an edged weapon of some sort. smile.gif

Most of the classic gunfighters in Western fiction were pretty good with a knife--usually a Bowie Knife or Arkansas toothpick. smile.gif

Also, in spite of the Hollywood stereotype, few real-life gunfighters were ambidextrous--James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, John Henry "Doc" Holliday, Henry McCarty (a/k/a "William ('Billy') Bonney", a/k/a "William ('Billy') Antrim", a/k/a "Billy the Kid"), and John Wesley Hardin are about the only real-life characters from that era who were truly ambidextrous.

Most gunfighters and gunmen (the distinction is intentional--"gunfighters" were usually law-abiding, or wore a badge; "gunmen" were usually criminals) who carried a second revolver usually fired their first weapon until it was empty, switching to the second only if their opponent was still shooting, or if there was more than one--although the ones who were skillful enough to successfully take on more than one opponent simultaneously were few and far between. Hickok, for example, supposedly did so on at least one occasion, taking out two guys who tried to kill him by coming at him from two different directions--one attacking from the front, the other from directly behind. He killed the man in front of him with the gun in his left hand, and the man attacking from behind by pointing the gun in his right hand over his left shoulder and firing in the direction of the man's footsteps (on a wooden floor, cowboy boots are noisy).

I say "supposedly" because, while Hickok was admittedly quite skillful, he also had a nasty habit of embellishing his own reputation. (I hesitate to call him a liar, because I never knew him personally. smile.gif )

(Incidentally, "Doc" Holliday was also one of the gunfighters who carried a knife regularly, because he often plied his trade--gambling--in areas in which the carrying of firearms was forbidden by town ordinances.)

I also recall reading about an unnamed lawman who wore a veritable ARSENAL of concealed weapons (eleven, IIRC) --mostly derringers, but he did carry at least one knife. However, to the casual observer, he was unarmed. smile.gif

Here's a link to a site where I found a Gunslinger character for SHADOWRUN:

D.J. Faux

I'm actually playing a character like this. Edged, pistols, whips, unarmed, ambidex... Not exactly Roland, but the idea had crossed my mind. I nixed it because Roland is waaaaay too good, but the archetype stuck.

(The man in black fled accross the desert and the Gunslinger followed! Hile!)
Definitely use a Lasso, Manriki Guisari, or Bullwhip as a melee weapon.
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