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Is there a set order for which the adventures should be ran in? I nkow Hareliquin should be ran before Hareliquins Back, but what about the rest? Do you just follow the ID number and go from there?
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This does help. Thanks!
Large Mike

For the most part, with a little bit of tweaking, almost any adventure can be run and almost any time. Seriously. The possible exception may be Brainscan. As for order, there is very rarely any continuity, so that matters even less.
Mainly we were looking at running them all in order just for the heck of it. This way we newer members would learn more of the SR history as a whole as well as understanding rules, why some things are done certian ways and the such. Also, running them in order should be pretty fun as well. biggrin.gif
Kanada Ten
The adventures from NAN1 and 2 work really well interlaced with events between the Shalish and Tsimshian. Jesse could be disrupting the peace talks while fighting Marta draws the characters into the border war.
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