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Full Version: [ShadowsOfEurope] French Teletel
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Didn't know about it's existance up until now that I had to read about it for an exam, and I admit I find it quite intriguing. I know there were tons of ideas for the French Matrix, which didn't get included in the final product, but still, it doesn't seem like Teletel would be exactly connected to the Matrix in the moment of the Crash... could it have survived? And, if it did, would it still be functioning? 'Cause it sure gives a good starting point for anyone doing legwork for a run, and it does give France another unique thing. smile.gif
Skarn Ka

French Teletel ?

Do you mean France Telecom ? If so, IIRC it's part of Hermes Eurocom or another big MSP.

otaku mike
Are you talking about the Minitel? That combination of a phone and a screen that was so popular in France in the 90', and very much technically in advance compared to the rest of the world, and that France Telecom let die because they were so self satisfied with the profits that they never thought of updating it, and that is now a relic of a past time in our internet age? (Yes I like long sentence).
If this is what you're talking about, then the Minitel is barely alive today, as Internet advance made it obsolete, so I don't think it would be around by the time of the Crash.
Yes, he's talking about that. "Teletel" is/was the name of the service, "minitel" being the name of the terminal. For the people who have no idea of what we're talking about but might possess some knowledge of technical jargon, it's videotex content sent using telnet protocol over the phone and TRANSPAC networks, with a bandwith of 1200 bits/s in download, 75bits/s in upload when it was first offered in 1982).
Pity. It seemed like a very nice idea indeed. As someone said, "animal intelligence will never be above human stupidity". And this surely seems like a good example of human stupidity. frown.gif
Teletel ? biggrin.gif
How much parental storms did I face with this :lol:

When i think about the bills they then received just because of me :lol:
I vaguely remember being 14, having just returned from acquiring a "girlfriend" in FL, and having my parents ask me why we had a $200 phone bill.

Ah, days of yore.
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