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Full Version: Shapeshifters and Drugs
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Ed Simons
For PC shapeshifters, there is a chance their Regeneration won't kick in. In that case, they will require medical treatment, but all existing medkits and the Biotech skill have (meta)humans in mind not magical animals.

1) How much should target numbers be raised for Biotech rolls when treating shapeshifters?

2) Would they be any harder to stabilize?

3) Would standard medications (Antidote. Stim, Tranq, and Trauma Patch) affect shapeshifters normally?

4) Would various drugs (Kamikaze, Pysche, Zen, Deepweed, etc.) affect a Shapeshifter normally?

(I'm assuming chemical irritants such as Tear Gas or Pepper Punch would affect Shapeshifters normally.)
When in human form, I would treat them as normal.

In animal form...

I think there are many drugs that have similar effect on all mammals. Drugs are tested on animals and animals are used in their development. Many prescription drugs can be found in their generic form in a veterinarians office.

Patches are used by placing on bare skin. Having to place it on fur or feathers is likely to diminish or nullify their effectiveness.
Almost everything will work for mammals.

When you start getting into birds and reptiles, or worse invertebrates it gets somewhat more complicated.

Panda Attack!
Every Shapeshifter should buy an Awakened Veterinarian contact. Heal spells don't care what species you are.
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