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Full Version: Sixth World Map
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Dark Scrier

The really big map contained there. I'm considering taking it down to my local print shop to get it printed and wall mountable for the room I do all my gaming in.

If there's a better/more recent map out there, I'd be excited to see it.

Also, I've noticed a typo or two on that one, if anyone notices more, can I get a heads up?

Also, I'm thinking I should ask permission from the creator to do that to it. Anyone got an e-mail address for the owner of the image?

Standard rule, PM me with anything that doesn't need to be on an open forum.
Simply hop a directory down to get Wordman's main page --, which has his email address. If you drop him a line, I suspect he'll be willing to make the changes himself.
That map is increadable. I printed it out and taped it together for my SR mapbook. If Fan Pro ever wanted to put out a map of the worl like 80% of the work is done. Thanks Wordman!

P.S. Your sheets and fonts are really useful as well.
Dark Scrier
Thanks Adam.
Thanks to Wordman for putting so much work into the map. You must have sunk a lot of hours into it to get all that detail in, and it looks very professional.

In the past, I've gotten my maps and satellite images from here:(USGS). Wordman's map has the advantage of being updated with the 2064 name changes, etc. but it might still be worth going to for your satellite shots.
otaku mike
Yep, that was good work.
Too bad it's going to be seriously outdated very soon *grin* wink.gif
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