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Mind Blank
Hi all, just getting back into SR after a two year break.

I am currently looking for a vehicle program for SR, as I am trying to repopulate my Sr programs that I got rid of when I left the game. I already have McMackies program, something that I found to be very useful. Unfortunatly I have not been able to locate a program that can be used to build up vehicles, there was one that I was using but I cannot seem to find it anymore I think it was called Shop.

Any help in locating a program that can aid me in building vehicles is greatly appreciated.

Note, the shop is for Rigger 2, not R3R.
Its one of those projects thats still in the works. Still, highly anticapated though.
Untill then, plenty of people around here will help with veich. gen.
I've had good results just using Excel to track my Design and Modification options, track CF, Load, etc. It's not the best option but it does ok.

Here's a sample of what I've been using: (~8k .XLS)
Nice layout Grinder, I am going to have a look peek this weekend, and try it out..
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