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Pirates of the Caribbean 2 ahoy!

The funniest part, although I've yet to find any confirmation, was a report on the Steve Wright show today that they've cast the part for Jack Sparrow's dad - to be played by Keith Richards cool.gif

EDIT: Wait, I found confirmation on the Keith Richards story cool.gif
Austere Emancipator
So, ehhh, what you're saying is that, umm, in 2064 Aztech will hire a group of runners to capture Johnny Depp to play the role of John Sparrow's dad Jack for their upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean 74: Rum Drinking Scoundrels since Mr Depp refuses to act in it?
[/Useless attempt to stop threadlock]

[Edit]Or, better yet, they want the runners to get them the (amazingly well-preserved) corpse of Keith Richards to animate as a zombie and play Jeb Sparrow's great grandfather's ghost.[/Edit]
Hey, he flagged it as OT, and its something not stupid.
Heheh... Keith Richards... Yarrr
You could say that Pirates of the Caribbean is in fact valid source material for SR as a melding of historical drama with mysticism smile.gif
Austere Emancipator
Whether you flag it as [OT] or not doesn't matter, you know. The topic of this forum is Shadowrun, and off-topicking just plain isn't allowed. Even though a few threads have been known to go unnoticed for quite a while...
I can really see Keef in a role like this. Good for him! smile.gif

Saying that a thread is off-topic does not make it a postable topic. Some topics slip through the cracks; they're either marginally on-topic, or they have such a stupid subject line that none of the admins bother to read it, or we think the thread is entertaining and so we break the rules.

And now, I enforce the rules.
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