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Full Version: Build your favorite movie character!
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Guess who this is just from the stats and equipment.

Body 7, Strength 5, Quickness 4, Charisma 4, Intelligence 3, Will 7,
Essence: 5.65
Cyberware: Obvious Cyberhand
Edges: Exceed Body, Exceed Will, High Pain Tolerance 3, Will to Live 2, Toughness, Daredevil
Flaws: One Hand, Impulsive, Braggart, Uncouth, Cursed Karma, Hunted: Undead

Chainsaws: 6
Shotgun/Boom Stick: 3/6
Unarmed Combat: 4
Grave Digging: 6
Acting/Improvisation: 2/4
Negotiation/Con: 2/4
Wilderness Survival/Forest: 2/4
Demolitions/Improvised Explosives: 3/5
Car: 4
Corporate Procedures/Retail: 3/5
Chemistry: 5
Mechanics: 5
Occult Knowledge: 4
Dismemberment: 5

Equipment: Chainsaw (dikote blade), Boom Stick, Sedan (currently wrecked)

Fun character to play, as well as watch. Care to guess? And make up your own character builds. I think a SR group made up purely of movie characters would be a hoot to play.
Ash from Army of Darkness and Evil Dead 1 & 2, of course. smile.gif
A cookie for anyone who guesses this one:

Human Male

Edges/Flaws: Flashbacks, Good Reputation, Connected, Day Job 3 (owns a Casino/Bar)

Contacts: Piano Player, Underworld Kingpin, Local Police Chief

Active Skills:
Negotiation 5
Etiquette (Local Police) 3/5
Pistols 3
Unarmed 4
Stealth 3
Car 3

Knowledge Skills:
Local Black Markets 4
Casino/Bar Operations 4
Smuggling 4
Gambling 4
Local Rumors 3
Witty One-liners 3

English (American English) 3/5
French 3
Spanish 3
Rick Blaine?
QUOTE (Chance359)
Rick Blaine?

Would you like Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin? *grin*

Call me a sentamentalist or pretentious, but Casablanca has always been my favorite movie. Now someone needs to come up with stats for Victor Lazlo.
I would like it if someone would figure out Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China and PM to me please... <begging>
QUOTE (Weredigo)
I would like it if someone would figure out Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China and PM to me please... <begging>

"It's all in the reflexes"
QUOTE (Weredigo)
I would like it if someone would figure out Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China and PM to me please... <begging>

Why PM the stats instead of posting them here?
The Grifter
It;s a secret. He's got a crush on him. love.gif
Well, here goes.

Jack Burton

Body 5, Strength 5, Quickness 6, Charisma 4, Intelligence 4, Will 6

Edge: Adrenaline Surge, Lightning Reflexes, Friends Abroad, Vehicle Empathy

Flaws: Compulsive: Gambling, Uncouth

Edged Weapons/Knives: 3/5
Thrown Weapons: 4
Submachine Guns: 4
Car/Big Rig: 3/5
Athletics: 4
Etiquette/Street: 2/4
Negotiation/Fast Talk: 2/4
Street Knowledge/China Town: 3/4
Chinese Occult: 4

How's that? It's been awhile since I've seen the movie, so I might have missed something
I think that about sums him up. Actually he's the Father of one of my most active NPC's
cool. did lo pan get resurrected and come after him in a fit of vengance?
Cynic project
Well, wile not really from a movie. But what about say Macky from the Sheild? Or any of the main charatcer from The Wire? Like "Stringer Bell", Marlo Stanfield, Omar, Detective James "Jimmy" McNulty. Just about all the chartacers on that show are well good.
Edited to clear out shameless flaming. Sorry blokes.
QUOTE (Scratch)
Edged Weapons/Harpy: 4/6
Fine Cuisine: 7

Dr. Hannibal the Cannibal Lector
Crimsondude 2.0
Hannibal Lecter.


QUOTE (Scratch)
Italian (pre-reniassance): 4

I believe the word you are looking for is Medieval Italian.
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Crimsondude 2.0
You also forgot Russian, or at least his native Baltic toungue (Lithuanian, IIRC), and general knowledge of methods of killing and displaying the dead (e.g., "bloody eagle").
Edited to clear out shameless flaming. Sorry blokes.
Holy Time Warp Batman! Did the Admins finally reset the clock to show the correct posting times?

Scratch Posted on Feb 27 2005, 07:44 PM


Crimsondude 2.0 Posted on Feb 27 2005, 07:37 PM

(times may vary according to time zone)

Edit: Nope, it seems to be just a posting anomaly.
Crimsondude 2.0
I did read Hannibal, and Harris' words aside, it's medieval.

I don't fucking troll.
QUOTE (Crimsondude 2.0)
QUOTE (Scratch)
Italian (pre-reniassance): 4

I believe the word you are looking for is Medieval Italian.

The other thing to consider is that both terms are acceptable to use. Pre-reniasaance in particular is often used to refer to things of "higher" culture from that time frame. So in this case it would refer to Italian as spoken by the societies elite.
Edited to clear out shameless flaming. Sorry blokes.
yes. it's trolling, when you act insulted after having been insulted. offering corrections and information is also trolling.
Crimsondude 2.0
Since you're freshmeat, and weren't around at the time, then I will kindly point you to this post.
Edited to clear out shameless flaming. Sorry blokes.

Dude , your not a troll ... they won't pop up till April 30 , 2021.
Honestly I don't see you in the wrong here ... But Anyhoo

I wondering about the Pistol Adept from equilibrium his willpower has to be pretty high to just quit a drug he's been on his whole life and you know he has Empathic reading and maybe a couple levels of cool Resolve. what do you guys think?
Guess who this is just from the stats and equipment.

Ash, Housewares, shop smart, shop S Mart
QUOTE (Scratch)
Hard to know whether your correction was in good faith or simply trolling.
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Wow. So this is how you act when you give someone the "benefit of the doubt," huh? You must be one of those likeable, friendly, internet guys.

Simple fact is he gently corrected something you said (and even posted with an "I beleive" at the start, not "you are wrong, it's..."), and then you implied he was a troll. He took offense. You replied in kind, blah blah blah, and of course your last post was "insult insult insult, but I'm not posting here again or reading your reply."

And this, ladies and gents, is how flame wars get started.

On the simply stupidest of threads to draw such negativity, to be fair about it, too. Here's some pointless, fun, "make a cool character and you guys'll guess who it is" internet horse-crap, and somehow between a mildly condescending forum vet and a defensive-about-it newbie, things get this fucked up. The internet, kids. God bless it.

In an attempt to get this nonsensically amusing and light-hearted thread back on track (and something's very wrong, children, when I'm the voice of reason)... Movie character time (off the top of my head, nowhere near starting stats, some numbers would be absurdly high via SR's system)! This should be an easy one, but I'm bored at work.

Str: 5
Qui: 6
Bod: 5
Cha: 5
Int: 6
Will: 5

Essence: 6
Magic: 0

Martial Arts/Kali: 6+
Athletics: 6+
Pistols: 6+
Shotguns: 4
Rifles: 5
Edged Weapons/Improvised: 5/7
Clubs/Improvised: 5/7
Demolitions: 5
Electronics: 5
Electronics b/r: 4
Negotiations: 6+
Etiquette: 6+
Stealth: 6+
Small Unit Tactics: 4
Car: 6+

English: 6/3
French: 5/2
German: 5/2
Belgian: 5/2
Spanish: 5/2
Probably All Other Languages: 5/2
Small Arms Identification: 4
Military Procedures: 5
Security Procedues: 5
Police Procedures: 5
Fieldcraft: 6+

Friendly Face
Adrenaline Surge
Night Vision

Extra Enemies (lots)
Hunted (lots)

That wouldn't be "David Webb", a/k/a "Jason Charles Bourne", from the Robert Ludlum books THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, would it?

(Not to mention the Eric V. Lustbader take-off on the series, THE BOURNE LEGACY.)

Told'ja it was an easy one. Though, to be honest, that set of stats was based quite a bit more on the mostly-unchanging Bourne in the flicks, as opposed to the 20+ years or so of change and evolution, from the books. But, yeah. Easy one.

How about...

Str: 6
Qui: 6
Bod: 7
Cha: 3
Int: 4
Will: 6

Heavy Weapons: 6
Assault Rifles: 6
Pistols: 6
Archery/Compound Bows: 5/7
Edged Weapons/Survival Knife: 5/7
Athletics: 6
Stealth: 6
Martial Arts/"Wildcat" type: 6
Throwing Weapons: 6
Wilderness Survival: 6
Etiquette/Military: 1/3
Small Unit Tactics: 6
Demolitions: 5

English: 5/2
Russian (I think?) 5/2
Vietnamese (I think?) 5/2
Military History/Vietnam Era: 5/7
Military Procedures: 5
Guerilla Warfare: 5

Exceptional Attribute, Body
Pain Resistance (lots)


Would that be "John Rambo", Sylvester Stallone's character from the FIRST BLOOD movie series?

It was the apparent incongruity of the Archery/Compound Bows skill along with the more modern military skills that made me think of him.

Rambo is missing Rotorcraft(Helicopter), Car(Tank) and a Friend in a High Place.
Not my fault I can't remember all the different ways he kills people, while I'm at work. There's lots'a killin' in those flicks!
How could you forget the Colonel? How?!
yes, with classic lines such as "Rambo, if you don't accept the mission, the game cannot continue!"
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