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The last campaign I ran I started giving the characters worlds news , tech advancements and similar things in a shadowland type format. I had news bits with comments from random "shadowrunners" after them (I had too much time on my hands).

The reason I am posting this is because I have decided to try and do this again with my current campaign, mainly because we only play every other weekend so it keeps them thinking about the campaign on the off weekend. but I want to rework the format and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I have bits in there about magic, tech, matrix, and random news events. any suggestions would be good, i've hit a dead end and cant think of anything cool to throw in there.
We do something similar with our group, using MediaWiki to construct a "group web page" that anyone can contribute to. Everyone's character sheets, journals, and player logs are in the Wiki.

As far as newsposts in Shadowland format, I typically use the following format:
* 1 or 2 posts based on the run that the PCs had just completed
* 1 or 2 posts foreshadowing an element one of the future runs
* 1 or 2 posts based on world events (look it up in the Sixth World Wiki or Timeline Explorer)
* 1 post in CLUE format (runs gone terribly wrong)
* 1 post based on a tech advancement/event.
* 1 post based on a magic advancement/event. (there are plenty of magical events you can make up, from a Free Spirit gathering to a spell-show to a magical serial killer)

This is more than enough to fill a page worth of "Screamsheet" news. If you are running out of ideas, you can head to the Sixth World Wiki or the Timeline Explorer here at dumpshock. What year is your campaign?

Some ideas at random:
* Gang war
* Mob war
* Mob assassination
* New restaurant opens (by former Shadowrunner/politician/freak)
* Concrete Dreams siting
* New ECM/ECCM tech
* Strange Magical Event (the moon is in the 7th house, Jupiter lines with Mars)
* Mysterious shutdown of public/corporate facility
* Outbreak of disease
* X event cancelled due to terrorism
* Sports event/controversy
The campaign was going to be set in feb of 2060 but i figured making them run through the arcology was too much torture for the new players rotfl.gif instead its set in feb 2062.

I really like the idea of the "group web page" how exactly does that work ? currently the group is communicating via e-mail (in character) during the times between games, this is extremely useful for them to kick around ideas for the next game, ie planning, equipment , etc.

thanks for the help Hahnsoo, the magical serial killer, i really like that one. The sports event controversy will be good too , i have a PC that wanted me to start posting sports scores periodically and it fits with the npc who is a habitual gambler.
EDIT : There's timeline explorer somewhere, trying to find it.
Timeline Explorer
Exactly! Thanks. That'll teach me to clean up my links.
I use MediaWiki, which is what the Sixth World Wiki and Wikipedia uses. You can download it from . If you want, I can PM you our Wiki page so you can see what we do on a regular basis... I'd prefer not to post it publically, due to the potential for vandalism and public humiliation. You would need a webpage with MySQL database and PHP to use MediaWiki, but it's pretty straightforward.

We also have a group listserv for players to post about games in between sessions. It's a lot easier than e-mail chains and compiles the posts into a central searchable archive.
QUOTE (Charon @ Feb 26 2005, 03:18 PM)
Exactly!  Thanks.  That'll teach me to clean up my links.

No problem. I had a campaign where I did much the same thing, so this thread caught my attention. I was fond of putting together little chunks of matrix transmissions for the decker to find during downtime. I would give her one partial, garbled message per success, chalking it up to him having a smart frame trolling the matrix, looking for anything interesting.

Sometimes the tidbits would be relevant to a run I had planned for the future, sometimes it would tie back to one character's interests. Occasionally, it would be something from their past, warning them that a job still had some loose ends.

I enjoyed the effect it had on the game immensely. I saw a large number of runs that the characters set up themselves, instead of just being given a job by a fixer or johnson.

On the same note, I would love to hear how this works out for you, so keep us updated.
For random local events, you can check out newspapers from other cities that your players would never read, and basically rip off their local stories. Just change the names and add some 2060's flash.
For random local events, you can check out newspapers from other cities that your players would never read, and basically rip off their local stories.  Just change the names and add some 2060's flash.

That would work well for screamsheet news, jazz up an OpEd or letters to the editor page for shadowtalk.

Hey hahnsoo id appreciate that PM , sorry i took so long to respond, too busy at work to post yesterday.

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