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Full Version: Inner munchkin?
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so i sat down in my "reading chair" in the "reading room" Fliiped open SR3 to the rigging section, and read a couple paragraphs on repairing vehicle damage..

the target number for the b/r test is the number of damage boxes the character wishes to repair plus 2...
(emphazise mine)

Now, is there any reason why you couldnt go box by box, at a TN of 3? I can't see anything in the paragraph or following it why not.
time restrictions?

or...maybe the 'try again' rule comes into play here, like if you are repairing another box of damage from the same collision or whatever, it's at plus 2....
naah, that's dumb.

I'm trying to think of a real life correlation. I've never heard of a mechanic who said 'I can't fix that'. But there's plenty who've told me it'll take a lot longer than I thought it would, and it'll cost a lot more.

Seems to me that any mechanical repair is doable if you break it down into manageable steps, so the rule seems fair to me as it is. What about tools needed and parts needed? Maybe you need the parts for the whole job before you can start on the one box repair. Then the vehicle ain't going back on the road or whatever until the whole job is done....?
well, again the one box at a time rule would be favorable as you get to to divide the succeses into the base time of 16 hours to determine exactly how long it will take. again, working one box at a time, at a tn of 3 would greatly speed things up.

Cost wise i THINK it's a mathemtical indifference. You multiply the number of boxes repaired by 5, to get a percentage of the base vehicle cost that the repairs will take. so if you have a 100,000 nuyen.gif car one box at a time would be 1,000 nuyen.gif or 10 boxes for 10,000 nuyen.gif

Maybe to de-munchinize it, the rule should be that you chave to repair one damage level at a time. so you can go from destroyed to serious, serious to moderate, and moderate to light, but no points inbetween (but maybe points beyond? so that you can go destroyed to halfway between serious and moderate)?
...or maybe the rule just sucks.
Cost wise, there is no difference. As far as it goes, I'd go with the "During this period, the vehicle is unavailable for use. If for some reason the character needs the vehicle, he or the mechanic must spend an additional hour putting it back together and returning it to something like operational condition. This hour does not count toward the repair time."

While, cannonically if you do 1 box at a time, and average say 3 successes, It'll take you 4 hours to do a box, and so on.

I just noticed, the largest downside, "Replacement parts have the same Availability Codes and Street Indexes as the vehicle under repair. Characters obtain parts by using their Vehicle Build/Repair Skills to make Acquisition Tests. Repairs cannont start until the parts show up, so characters must wait out the entire Availability time period before commencing repairs."

Now, cannonly, according to that, you can roll for your 1 box, then wait whatever base time it might happen to be before you can start, and then finish your repairs, then you can wait again for the next box.

I.E. You happen to have a Toyota Elite. Base time of 8days per parts, TN 8, rolled with your B/R skill. So, say you get 3 successes on TN(3) and 1 on TN(cool.gif, well, you have 8days+4 hours to fix it, then you can move on to the next damage. TN(cool.gif repair (6 boxes) TN(8)parts, leaves you with 1 success on both (pretend) and 8days+96hours (4 days) to fix it. 12 days total, vs whatever might happen with the rest of the damage going peicemeal.
well, Dog, that is one effective way of ending the thought process i suppose, lol...

hmm, i guess that is a good downside to it tarantula, as you would have to wait the 8 days per box, every box, as opposed to 8 days, 96 hours..

My munchin-fu has been defeated i do beleive.

BTW i just noticed i finally got off my fat rear end and stopped being a target, and now, i'm moving!

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