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Full Version: Astral Perception
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Can awakened characters use astral perception to simply negate all visibility modiefiers depending on light?Does smoke and glare have any different effects?Any help would be much appreciated.
Necro Tech
Yes, light (or lack) doesn't apply to the astral plane. Every thing else does. If it blocks LOS in the physical, it does in the astral.
From lighting? Yep, all gone. Bu it adds it's own +2 to mundane actions so meh, it's not an end all-be all.
Don't forget background count. A lot of sterilized / isolated corp places will have background counts of +1 or more.
Sandoval Smith
Regular light has no affect on the astral plane, so there are no additional vision modifiers if the PC is astrally percieving in total darkness. However, there is the aforemention +2 TN to most mundane tasks, and background count also adds modifiers.
Thanks, the background count and mundane task modifier will really even things out.Thanks again
fog and smoke also have an effect on astral perception. check MitS page 82 for a full list of mods.
Fire also gives a modifier, +2 to +3, depending on how big of a fire it is. And fire can be a light source. It makes me wonder if the sun and other natural light sources would give any modifiers.

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