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Rigger Black book, First Edition, p.33 Bulldog Stepvan, Storage is rated at 200 CF, Is that In cubic Feet???

If I am reading this wrong what exactly could you fit in one of these, especially if it's "no frills" ???

1 CF = 25 Kilograms, so this vehicle can hold 5,K Kilograms. Still doesn't help much. Grams is unit of mass, not available space. So how many 1foot milk crates? and it what kinda configuration, hieght, length, depth?
Capt. Dave
SR3, pg. 133: One CF is 0.125 cubic meters, so a Bulldog Step Van will hold 25 cubic meters.
So 25 Cubic meters... or 5 by 5 by 5... am I correct?
Capt. Dave
I suppose the actual way the CF is dimensioned is really up to you, as R3 doesn't state how long, wide, or tall the cargo compartment is.
Sandoval Smith
CF = Cargo Factor, which is not in and of itself a discrete unit of space. The 200 CF for the step van is an abstraction for how much space it can accomodate, not just how much it can carry around, since things like engine modifications, control alterations, etc all take up CF. When you install rigging gear and NO2 Injectors, it doesn't all all get thrown in the cargo compartment.
Capt. Dave
All of which I understand, but as Weredigo seemed most interested in what the rear cargo compartment could hold, that was what I was talking about.

At any rate, we can assume that the majority of the space refers to the rear of the van. I suppose some of that 200 CF refers to the map pockets, glove compartment, console, etc, but he wanted to know how much space 200 CF was, and how much could fit in it.
Crusher Bob
Nope 5mx5mx5m would be 125 cubic meters, not 25...

Something like 3.4 x 2.5 x3 meters gives you 25.5 cubic meters
QUOTE (Weredigo @ Mar 1 2005, 11:39 PM)
So 25 Cubic meters...  or 5 by 5 by 5...  am I correct?

5 x 5 x 1 is 25 Cubic Meters.
Edit: Crusher Bob is smart and fast.
the Bulldog is basically your ubiquitous UPS van....
...and thus a favorite of Shadowrun Teams the worldwide.
I dunno with that many Vans being used in capers, if I were a Corporation I'd go over every shipment incoming or out with a fine-toothed comb...or make delveries in a Modded F-C Bison...oh wait thats the other favorite...
if I were a Corporation I'd go over every shipment incoming or out with a fine-toothed comb

They've probably tried that, the Bulldog is used in 99% of inter city deliveries to, from, and between businesses. Just looking at the number of Businesses in Phoenix for example, and give each busines about 6 trucks Each, that's a lotta fraggin trucks to check, not to mention the ones hoppin in and out of thier own territory. Nahl unless the truck is packed with a Nuclear Bomb they probably figure that spending money on armor and ammunition for troops would be more cost effective then scanning teams, especially since even if they scanning team found something they'd still have to pay for troops, and the training of the new team they're gonna need.
Puck Wildhorse, M.D.
Both the Renault-Fiat Eurovan (Cargo Box configuration) and the Ares Roadmaster are also widely used by businesses for deliveries and work vehicles.

And Rigger 3 gives a lot of optional vehicle names (usually 3 per entry) so you can say that you're driving a Ford Workhorse instead of a MPUV. The alternate names have the same stat line as the main entry, but at least it adds some variation.
In a recent run I GMed, the team had to sneak into a recycling plant (Ithink it was one of the Missions) and rescue the girl. The brand new player (2nd game) burned a fake ID to rent a Bulldog. 1/2 The team backed it up through the aluminium garage door while the other half infiltrated the building and got the girl. Then everyone jumped in the van and took off. Best use of a Bulldog step van on a run.
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