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Full Version: Throwing Weapons.
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Shuriken. Throwing Knives. Grenades. Amazing Ambidexterity.

I'll allow a weapon thrown from both hands, from an ambidexterous PC. But maybe that's just me. What's the general consensus?

If you mean that the character is throwing both at the same time, I'd add some modifiers. It's hard to zero in on 2 targets at once, no matter how ambidextrous you are. If they're both at the same target... sure.
personally if the character has ambidextrous as a skill and passes the role i cant see a problem with it, our GM allows us but the target numbers depend on what we are doing when making the throw.......I.e standing still, moving, running etc.

torz x
Well. I believe there is already a TN in place for multiple targets, which can no-doubt be applied should our ambidextrous friend choose to use spread the love with their plentiful knives.

yep. i just use the rules for firing two weapons.
...and what was the totally broken trick with quickdraw and missle mastery, or something? throw knife in the air, throw two knives at target, catch and throw original knife? I can't remember the details, but I know it belongs on my short list of things which will make me compliment and then hit my players if they suggest it. cool.gif
I would allow it in any game where I would allow ambidexterity (which I usually don't). I also tend to allow players to take an aptitude in throwing as an exception to the custom of not allowing combat skills with aptitude, since it's comparable to a laser sight on a firearm. Of course, I would not allow both an aptitude and ambidexterity simply because you can't combat targetting systems with ambidexterity in firearms, and reducing the target number and doubling the rate of fire would be nuts.

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