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Full Version: Probe Race
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I have YotC, but I can't figure out who won the race. Does anyone have that info, or is it left open to the GM?
Kanada Ten
Ares won. SotA64.
I haven't gotten that yet. So it was on the second pass, then?

Do you know which probe they used?
It`s left up to the GM.
Kanada Ten
They used two three, and yeah Velox I the was the test for the virus, but the consensus of WotC must be that Ares retained the viral code. Velox I and Velox II were the probes. And Gigas (the original probe that got hit by a meteorite), which might have been the one they won with since they corrected the trajectory.

It's left up to the GM.

In Wake of the Comet it is, but State of the Art 2064 states that while Yamatetsu lost the probe race to Ares, they won the race to Mars.
They sent three. The first one was the Gigas probe, which was hit by a meteor, but survived. So it could have been either the Gigas (later in 2062) or Velox II (Velox I veered off course).
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