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I just printed out a copy of the final Character Dossier [pending any last-last minute corrections.]

I'm not sure exactly when it's going to press [I hope this week...], but I hope to have a Developer's Say article for it online sometime before it hits the streets. Naturally, there's no space inside the Dossier for such an article. smile.gif

I've included the sell sheet below - if you're interested in getting the Shadowrun Character Dossier, make sure to let your local retailer know!

The Shadowrun Character Dossierô

Publisher: FanPro
Title: The Shadowrun Character Dossier
System: Shadowrun, Third Edition
Stock Number: FPR10673
ISBN: 1-932564-01-2
Retail: $4.99
Format: 16-page stitched
Authors: Adam Jury, Jeff Makintosh
Developer: Rob Boyle
Cover Artist: Rick Berry and John Zeleznick, Adi Granov (Back Cover)
More Data Than Your Rap Sheet
Your shadowrunner has more safehouses than a slumlord, more false identities than a schizophrenic and a criminal record that takes up more memory than a Black Hammer utility. So where do you keep track of all that info? The Shadowrun Character Dossier provides 16 pages to record all of your characterís details, from skills to implants to spells. All of the archetypes are covered, from adepts to riggers to otaku, and space is included for edges and flaws, Karma expenditures, character background and more. The Dossier also features handy reference tables to make combat, skill use and healing run more smoothly. Store your runnerís info here and put Mr. Johnsonís files to shame!
For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.
Looking forward to seeing it, Adam. You better have made it worth the five bucks. wink.gif
Worth far more than that, Dennis. wink.gif

I'll send a proof copy home with Sam so you can see it a bit early.
Oooh, insider trading! That's dirty pool, mister!
If you ever saw the bar tab that DV8 has racked up at Bulldrek gatherings, you would understand that a printout is a far cry from repaying him. wink.gif

Thanks, Adam. smile.gif
Kanada Ten
You do know that Personal Messages are part of the forum, right Adam?

I mean: we are rabid wolves and you dangle meat before our eyes... lick.gif
I know. Aren't I a tease? Don't my legs look good in these shorts? Boy, the Character Dossier is a brilliant product. Man, my hair looks hot today.

I don't know what you've been taking but I want some... grinbig.gif
I wish there was a way to see exactly what it looks like before I order 4 or 5 copies for my players. Since my local gaming stores won't carry more than one or two copies of any new Shadowrun books unless you special order them...

The Abstruse One
Hopefully the Developer's Say will answer any questions you may have.

[Also, I think stores are foolish not to order more copies of this than they would of a typical Shadowrun product, since it should sell to a large part of the player base, and not just the GMs and hardcore players.]
Adam - I don't know how viable this is, but how about small thumbnails of some of the pages on the relevant product page on the website. Maybe even linked to a couple of full sized pages with something printed ("PREVIEW") on them large and bold to make them viewable but useless? Or possibly just the front page done like that as a teaser of sorts?
That'd be swell. smile.gif
Drain Brain
Not to mention good marketing... wink.gif
Hey, it's how I make a living... wink.gif
You work for Satan? wink.gif
Mondays through Wednesdays... rest of the week I work for the Other side. I get Sundays off though nyahnyah.gif
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