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Just thought it would be a cool/ Good idea for us (as in Dumpshock) to share some NPC's to make everyone else's life easier.

So Lets Share, But so as to leave a little mystery and openness for other people to adjust for there own games lets do it like the Target:Matrix Shadowtalk.

Real Name/ Aliases
Eric Colmen/ None
Age/ Nationality/ Metatype/ Gender: Mid Twentys/ UCAS/ Caucasian Ork/ Male
Distinguishing Physical Features: Physically Fit and Well Built
Area of Operation: Containent of America, Worldwide Matrix.
Specialties: Programming and Search Operations
Psychological Traits: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Programming and Fitness), Phobic (Decking and Health)

TATU, is a Corperate Dream, Someone that suffers from OCD in something that would make them millions. But he doesn't like to be owned though it seems that he has work for some small corporations in his 7-12 years as a programmer. TATU used to be a Decker of some note a few years ago but for some reason he deckers system no more.

You want to know why? A few years ago TATU was decking a system (no need to know which) when a Weefle Runner dropped in on him, well the kid apprantly was having trouble with a few of his Utilities, and TATU thought he would help the kid out, well that was all the Sec Deckers needed to spot him, he got blindsided by some IC or Program and got his wetware effected, hasn't decked anything hard since

-False Echo

He was well known around the Washington DC grid for a few years. While there he was working for a small software firm (Netware). He writ an Operating System thats was to launch them firmly into the limelight as a solid company in OS based software. That was untill a fire destroyed the servers that held the near completed code. Not long after he vanished, only to resuface in Seattle some 6 months later.

For those in the know he can be found Running in the morning around the Bellevue area of Seattle. His Programming skills are highly rated and sort after as well as his Searching Abilities. Though his price is high.

Yeah his Programming Skills are good, top draw in fact. If you have happened to specially ordered some code from Hacker house and it wasn't in their own Programming Language there's a good chance he coded it.


Whats he code in?


Metacomm is his prefrence, Yes his code is bug free. Though i've seen his stuff done in MCT Iconix 7


6' 11" Tall TATU is a well built and tanned person. He is phobic about his health and constantly making sure he stays in shape. His Icon is that of black tribal tatoo's covering most of a male figure, with gaps allowing the viewer to see "through" him to what ever is beyond.

You want a way to get into his good books and give you a hefty discount? Get him one of those manga "gundam" kits. Got to be a rare one mind, he builds them when he's not Programming or Running. Can't understand why though, they're easy to build


15 years programming behind me and it still takes me 2 months to build a level 5. Whats wrong with that?

Kanada Ten
Real Name/ Aliases:
Michelle LeTete/ Andrea Falkjar/ Rachel Q
Age/ Nationality/ Metatype/ Gender: 27/ French American/ Arab-Caucasian Human/ Female
Distinguishing Physical Features: Scarred lips and back
Area of Operation: Seattle, Northwest North America
Specialties: Information Mongering
Psychological Traits: True Believer (Freedom of Speech)

A short lived career as a reported ended with the capture and torture by Allahite extremists. She was freed by French intelligence forces after a year and for a time worked for Interpol gathering and sorting data on Muslim extremists. A year later she disappeared.

> Not hard to figure out what happened when you look at who she was digitally following: the radical sheik Ahmed Hassan (the leader of the very same group that kidnaped her). Who, as it turns out, was an agent of the French. Meaning that the they rescued her from a trap of their own making. That couldn't have made her happy.
> Lost N Found

Sometime later she turned up in Seattle once again working for a news media company, Roltz this time, as a story finder. She spends most of her time searching and browsing for stories, connections, contacts, information, and leads; though it's rumored that Roltz gave her a simgame collum to vent under the name Rachel Q.

Her contacts in Interpol and other intelligence agencies give her a leg up on alerts and incoming threats or targets - information she trades. The price is high, and if information usually requires supporting evidence of some kind. However, Demongoddess has been known to front for freedom of speech supporters such as Speak Up!, Whole Truth, and DialogueTG.

Using a persona icon of pure flame shaped into an angel, she is known more for her patience as a decker than raw skill. All the same, information gathering isn't the safest biz and her gear is high level even for a media mogul like Roltz. No doubt she traded freedom of action for a secure freedom of speech.

> Why thank you for such kind words. The hours you must have spent compiling were obviously worth the release of your debt to the Comanche mob. I'll be sure to look you up when I'm next in Boston, bitch; you can count on it.
> Demongoddess
Slim Shady
Real Name/ Aliases Patricia Dimlight/as above, "the elven bitch"
Age/ Nationality/ Metatype/ Gender: young early 20's/Daughter of Tir Baroness/Elven/Female
Distinguishing Physical Features: Flame red hair, emerald green eyes, child like physique
Area of Operation: Seattle, Worldwide Matrix, SatComm Matrix
Specialties: Simple AI programming (always has bugs, emotional stability of a 10 year old) Cat Burglaring, DataSteals
Psychological Traits: Idiot Savant: Console cowgirl doesn't cover it, she's been programming and maintaining the computers on her father's farm since she was a child, but she has null social skills, nor does she have any taste for killing people, or critters unless she plans on eating it.

To some Shady can seem to be immature, irresponsible and unprofessional until she plugs in and the gloves come off.

Cyberware, One arm holds Microtools in the hand and an internal cyberdeck, the other arm has OrkSpurs installed, which she has trouble keeping retracted first thing in the morning until she gets her first cup of coffee.

Shady is also Bi

Real Name: Unknown
Age/Nationality/Metatype/Gender: Mid Forties?/Russian/Unknown/Female
Distinguishing Features: Subject possibly has multiple cyber replacement limbs.
Area of Operation: World Wide Matrix, various Satellite Constellations.
Specialties: Military Matrix systems, Language programming.
Psycological traits: Reclusive, Solitary.

Little is known of the decker who uses the persona of "Grache". Her icon generally appears as that of a red crow or raven (Grache is russian for rook) Generally appearing as a solitary entity in the Matrix, Grache can be very helpful if approached in the right way. She tends to avoid high traffic areas, and has a tendancy to avoid groups of icons as well. Much of the info here on her is largely conjecture and speculation but it is known that she posesses a high level of knowledge of various Sat-Nav and military nets. The possibility exists that she is indeed an agent of some military. While Grache is fluent in a variety of languages, including Polish, German and English, some of her custom programs are written in Cyrillic given the then the speculation that her nationality is Russian. If she is threatened she tends to use evasive techniques rather than confrontational. An encounter within the matrixes of various cyber manufacturers lead to the belief that she posesses various cyberlimbs.

>Be careful around this one boys, while she might shy from a fight, it doesn't mean she can't, word has it she whipped out the big black hammer a while ago on a group of 'trix gangers who thought she'd be an easy mark. And not your standard stuff you see copied from Lonestar code. The utility stunk of UGB iconography.

>Red Rider

>Black Hammer and sickle?


>Grache is also very well learned in literature, you know books and stuff. If you want to discuss Dostoyevsky or Checkov, its the one thing you might get her to stop and chat about.


>She sounds like a student I used to chat with on the University of Moscow nets.

Real Name: Jurgen Allen/ Aliases: rattler /
Age/ Nationality/ Metatype/ Gender: Mid Twentys/ ?/ Dwarf/ Male
Distinguishing Physical Features: purple eyes,vivid blue green scales over most of body with a streek of crimson and gold down the spine.
Area of Operation: continent of America, France.
Specialties: shamanic magic
Psychological Traits: Has a bad reputation

> I would watch this one, he has the tendency to backstab. A mate went on a run with him and he went batshit.
> Yeah something about killing off the rest of the team, wouldn't run with him if i was you.
> I was told he was hunted by the french for killing a load of the legion?

Not much of snake is known apparently he is new in town and has already made a mark, Turned up a few months ago. Hooks up with some chummers to do a run collects on the job and vanishes.
Real Name/ Aliases:
Bianca (Surname Unknown)
Age/ Nationality/ Metatype/ Gender:
23/ Unknown (UCAS)/ Human/ Female
Distinguishing Physical Features:
Very Tall and Albino
Area of Operation:
Hand to Hand Combat and Stealth
Psychological Traits:
Psychopathic. Fetishist and Self Harmer

Bianca is an Adept of the Shamanic way, and a follow of the shark. She been active in almost exculsively in the Seattle to the best of our knowledge. Known for her lack of restraint she has been know the leave a few bodies in her wake. She has also been known to disrupt meetings for no reason other then "she was told to."

I've met this girl. I tell you she is completely cookoo. She spent 10 minutes poking a tea bag in a steaming hot cup, only to pull it out with her fingers stick it in her mouth, only to throw it across the room!


Maybe it was herbal??

>> Scottytoohotty

Tall and very thin Bianca can be mistaken as a typical male goth. Mainly due to her dress sense and the number of piercing that she has along with the eye make up she wears. She's never been seen with any real amount of equipment and tends not to use electrical devices. She's a rare adept in that dispite following the Shamnic way she has Cyber implanted into. Her combat style is Dual Spurs but it doesn't follow any of the "practised" styles that are commonly found amoung such combatists. She also seems to have a "displesant" aura about her as Hearth Spirits when not to attack her, although she doesn't seem to be at all bothered by this.

What it doesn't tell you, is that that "makeup" she wears isn't make up, she one of those changelings and it did something to the skin around her eyes, don't know what else it did to her. Just don't try running from her.


>>Joe Shmoe

I've seen her run down someone riding an Rapier, on foot.
>> Deadvision

I'll tell you a little more about this Psycho as i've had the missfortune to work with her. Bianca is generally a quite person not saying a great deal, you give her a job to do and she does it, killing things seems to be what she's best at. When you meet her you will find that she looks at things as you would an ant, that is with a playfull curiosity but with a slant that she could kill you in any second should you get bored with you, and believe me she can. I once saw her kill someone, and she was so fast that you blink and you'd miss it, except for the fact that she keep on the body shaking the life out of it. But thats not all, while she's doing this she stare's non-stop into there eyes as if watching the spark of life leaving them. Then just before the person (A Cybered up troll in this instance) died they coughed up some blood, she must of pierced a lung or something. Well after the Troll stop convulsing in her arms, she licked the blood off his face. The look on her face she get off him.. well lets say i've seen that look in other females, but they were naked.

>> The Ready One
Real Name/ Aliases Daniel Stevens/ Slyph
Age/ Nationality/ Metatype/ Gender: 29/Ucas/Elven/male
Distinguishing Physical Features: trible tattoos on his body
Area of Operation: Seattle
Specialties: Evassion/servailence/
Psychological Traits:sarcasticly humourous/bitter

Daniel was in a Ghost unit when he unfortunatly saw something he was not supposed to, and as a result, is on the run and has been for last year or so, he is best at dissapearing, and he is fast on foot. He knows the back ways and short cuts through Seattle better then most. He is an adept and sports little cyberware.He is familiuer with the Orc underground as he has used it many times to escape elements of capture. He is willing to do most jobs for the right cred. He is military trained, and good at what he does.

Man I saw him take on a few rather meaty Orc's and I swear I blinked for a second and two were down while he had the third by thr throat, this cat can move and I mean real quick.

So hes boosted,still a pointy eared fairy boi.

Nice to have made your aquaintence Sander.Enjoy today,maybe even tomorrow.
Real Name/Aliases: Unknown/Akuma
Age/Nationality/Metatype/Gender: 20/Japanese/Dwarf(Koborokuru)/Male
Distinguishing Physical Features: Heavily cybered with satyr legs.
Area of Operation: International
Specialities: Wetwork, Assassination
Psychological Traits: Survival-oriented, self-reliant, borderline psychopathic

There is a thin line seperating the living and the dead, but the cyberzombie Akuma seems to have surmounted these difficulties. To our best knowledge, he is the world's longest surviving cyberzombie. He has an incredible will to live. While he is coldly unemotional, he shows surprising interest in his own survival.

Akuma is a SURGED Koborokuru, who was trained under the Oni-do ninjutsu clan. His present cybermantic condition is the result of a joint venture between Mitsuhama(through their Yakuza connections) and the Oni-do ninjutsu clan. The purpose of the project was to create a cyberzombie without the need for the usual heavy logistical support(whether magical or medical). They succeeded.

Apart from regular checkups no more often than any other cybered personel, Akuma is effectively a one-man army. He accomplishes missions that would require extreme violence and firepower without the need for the logistical tail that is the dead giveaway for a mission involving a cyberzombie.

So far, he seems not to be susceptible to the various psychological and physical ailments that plague cybermantic subjects. Our agents are well advised to handle him with extreme caution, he retains the intelligence and self-preservation instinct of an extremely cunning metahuman, while having at his disposal the advantages of being a cybermantic subject.

>>>Folks, this is real. I pilfered this file from a Seraphim UV system layered with more ICe than the Antarctic. This fellow is out there. Be careful.<<< Fastjack
Real Name/Aliases: Unknown/Spector
Age/Nationality/Metatype/Gender: looks 19/Believed to be French/Elf/Female
Distinguishing Physical Features: Piercing green eyes,several scars
Area of Operation: North and Southern America
Specialities: Stealth and Negotiation
Psychological Traits: Whimsikal and aloof (on the surface)

Spector came onto the scene a few years ago,at least as herself some of us believe shes been around as different guises a lot longer then we know.She is for want of a better term almost childlike, she is a drake and she almost reminds me of how a cat plays with its food, with the way she interacts with us, in that I believe she is toying with us.I've seen her fight with a sword and God I aint even going to talk about the speed she moved. I heard she slings spells too but I only seen her twice, the one was with the sword the second was at a benefit in the Tir and that night a high delegate was found X'ed (not implying anything).

I seen her sling too, that is correct.

So shes full mage/adept? what? any way she gets shit done.But shes got her own agenda,I heard she only takes certain jobs no matter what the purse is. oh did I mention she is hot too, wow shes hot.

Dont think she likes guns, least thats what I heard but I was half pissed at the time. I do remember when I was doing a tour in the pen there was this guy who said he worked with her, he said she is scary when you piss her off, so he made sure he didnt piss her off. She is protective of what she refers to as her 'brood' that includes anyone she says is in, that does not mean they even know. Apparently she loves speed, as in fast bikes or cars.Oh and he said they called her Krystal.

>>Angel Dark:
I bought info from her once,she knows a lot.
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