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Full Version: The Ancient Files: Mundane Magic
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Ancient History
Mundane Magic

A guide to magic use for all you mundanes out there. Hoo-ha.
Herald of Verjigorm
Good read, nice collation as always. Spoiler for typos when I read through.

[ Spoiler ]

Nice work AH, as always. Following Herald's form, another typo is listed below.

[ Spoiler ]

Cool read AH

No change from your usual.
Good job, as always. smile.gif
Once again, you are the best, AH.
Former magicians. Through horrible wounds, Mana-sensitive Aura Deficiency Association or

First and Second edition allowed mundanes to learn Conjuring; treating it as the inapplicable theory and knowledge behind the skill rather than any actual ability.

A character with Conjuring Skill can try a simple ritual to improve this ratio, even if the the character cannot use the skill for other purposes.

Characters with no Magic Attribute frequently take Background Skills in Conjuring and Sorcery ... Knowledge Skills follow the standard specializations of the corresponding Active Skills. For example, a character with a Background Skill in Conjuring can specialize in Banishing.

Astral Rifts
A naturally-occurring phenomenon similar to the Astral Gateway power,

Should the user have a spirit or initiate to guide them, they may even travel to the metaplanes.
As always, great stuff AH
I'll have to find the reference, but in either 1st or 2nd edition (possibly both) a mundane could use the Conjuring skill to banish a summoned spirit.
Ancient History
*sigh* It wouldnae be one of my files without a heapin' helpin' of typos.

[/edit] FIxed.
i love you man!
Gyro the Greek Sandwich Pirate
Ancient History loves us! HE LOVES US ALL!!!
That sounds either religious or creepy.
QUOTE (Endgame50 @ Mar 7 2005, 09:51 AM)
That sounds either religious or creepy.

Is there a difference?
Hey, AH already owns my soul, I dunno how he could get much creepier. wink.gif
Ancient History
Oh, you just wait and see.
QUOTE (Ancient History)
*sigh* It wouldnae be one of my files without a heapin' helpin' of typos.

[/edit] FIxed.

Hwy you should se what happen when i try to wrtie something.

Yes, that was deliberate
Ancient you rock like eggs on toast.
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