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Full Version: Takin It Back To The Old School
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In two weeks, I'm starting a new campaign with a couple of people new to Shadowrun. While searching the Internet for inspiration for the campaign, I ran across one of Blackjack's old GM columns from the Shadowrun Archive. I won't go into detail here but it basically stated that there were too many sourcebooks for new players to keep track of and instead of flooding them with information, try starting your campaign in 2050. That way, you can introduce concepts and technology slowly. Get your players to realize just how cool SmartLink 2 is when all they're used to is SL1.

So, I've decided to go this route but I have one problem. Trying to blend 3rd Edition rules with 1st Edition tech. I have all editions of the rules (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) and I'm currently cross-referencing tech from SR1 with rules from SR3.

I'm posting here because I was hoping you guys (and gals) might have some ideas, helpful hints, or little nuggets of wisdom on how I should handle this, how I should start the campaign, or how frequently I should add new things (ect.).
Only allow the tech from first ed, but use the 3rd ed rules for it. I.E. they had smartlinks then, we still have them, so just use the current rules, but only allow the older tech in.
For once, my Dumpshock-Fu is strong

James McMurray's Technology Timeline

And remember, nothing promotes player lust like the bad guys playing with the new tech a couple months before it hits the streets cyber.gif
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