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Crimson Jack
I've been preparing a new game for my group. This time around, I've decided to make some characters, put together a dossier of each, give them an illustration, and let them loose. Hopefully, they'll like them enough to play more than a couple of games. I'm creating more than are needed (9 total), so that there will be some options for them to pick from.

In any event, the purpose of this post is to generate some name ideas for the characters. Street names, that is. I've included a small bio on each, so as to possibly help in the naming of them. Any ideas are welcome. smile.gif

1. Dragonslayer (Thor) Shaman/Norse Magic. Large gray troll with a mop of white hair. Smiles a lot and if chosen, would be the big brother (protector) of the group. He's active in Greenpeace. Honor driven.

2. Moon Druid Shamanist. Young human female. Slight frame, dark eyes & hair, subtle gothic dress, pale face. She is as her totem reads: secretive, unknowable, prefers to act through subterfuge. Currently an understudy at Seattle University. Likes the downtown rave scene.

3. Athlete's Way Adept. Slightly past prime male ork. Played for the Calgary Flames (hockey) team before assaulting a fellow player due to the ridicule he received from the player's jokes about his recent SURGE effects (marsupial pouch). He snapped, unable to deal with the locker room joking. Other SURGE effects include: Bright yellow irises and mane down back of neck and spine. A player nickname, prior to his SURGE would be cool.

4. Speaker's Way Adept. Middle-aged human female. Brown shoulder length hair, sharp facial features, large sparkling eyes. Typically wears well-cut layered suits (black), fedora, matching gloves and black dress shoes w/spats. Likable person with a straight forward approach to social interactions. High charisma.

5. Aging Otaku. 20-year old human male. Has yet to experience the Fading. Prefers the shadows, literally. Doesn't like people looking at him. Fairly quiet individual and never jokes. Probably the most touched by SURGE (odd I know, given that he's Otaku): Color blind, bright green eye color, hair appears to be all matted together and grows as one apparent piece (looks plasticky), vest/tail, Loki-style horns and dermal deposits. He is embarassed about his odd looks.

6. Rigger. Rough n' tumble hispanic human female. Basically taking a steal on Jenette Goldstein's role in Aliens as Vasquez. Black short hair and tatted up the arms (sleeves). Chain smoker. Looks good in lots of gear. wink.gif Prefers a souped up pickup or other wheel-based vehicle.

7. Amerind Tribal Warrior/Cascade Ork. Young male ork. Short black hair, brownish skin, SURGEd fangs. Prefers using bow/arrow, but also competent with rifles and pistols. Went AWOL from ranks after almost 'frying his brain' on a large quantity of magic mushrooms. Shifty appearance, always looking over his shoulder. Loaded up with 6 points of bio, no cyber.

8. Sam/Merc. Middle-aged male koborokuru. Did a stint in Desert Wars as well as the Yucatan. Currently running guns via boat in the Carib. Surly looking, smokes a cigar when enjoying himself, takes things extremely serious when in the field. Proficient with most guns and heavier weapons. Cyber is speed-oriented.

9. Generalist. Male elf with short black hair and gray facial stubble. Chews bubble gum all the time. Snarky personality, likes to brawl when drunk and tends to be so at least once a week. Has a girlfriend addicted to BTLs, whom he takes care of financially for a place to crash and for other favors. Not extremely charming, but a good all around team member when it comes to firearms support.

And, here's this if it makes it easier to copy & paste your responses:

1. Dragonslayer
2. Moon Druid
3. Athlete
4. Face
5. Otaku
6. Rigger
7. Tribal Warrior
8. Sam/Merc
9. Generalist

Thanks! biggrin.gif
1. Beowulf
2. Thalia
3. Puck
4. Ariana Delagatta
5. El Chupacabre
6. El Chupacabre
7. Daniel Flying-Snake
8. Shorty
9. Armstrong
1. Sigurd
2. Lurid
3. Hattrick
4. Trance
5. Imp
6. Impulsión
7. BlazingArrow
8. Special K
9. JackKnife
Wounded Ronin
1. Monterey Jack.

2. Mayonaise.

3. Fuzzy Wuzzie. (One of those names you get in spite of yourself...)

4. Michael Jackson.

5. American Cheese.

6. Taxi.

7. Tonto. (What else could possibly be appropriate?)

8. Dirk Thunderbarrel.

9. Bill Murray.
1. Old Man Trotter

2. Partygirl

3. Gretzky II (However Wayne Gretzkys name is spelled)

4. Star

5. The Freak

6. Wheels (thougth about something around "These boots are made for walking"...but it didnt work)

7. Theodor Snapping Wolf Darlington (Also known as "Snapping Wolf" or just "Wolf")

8. Mil-Spec (Possibly from him mumbling about all his "mil-spec" gear)

9. The Necrophiliac (Girlfriend might as well be dead, when on BTL)

Couple of these names are not very nice, but remember that not all nicknames are selfmade.
How about,

1. Dragonslayer - kharn
2. Moon Druid- Zenon
3. Athlete- Stretch
4. Face- Buzz moneky
5. Otaku - Shimmer
6. Rigger- Sparky
7. Tribal Warrior - Oumaguma
8. Sam/Merc - Knives ( oh so original!! wink.gif )
9. Generalist - Buzz

torz x

1. Dragonslayer - Odin (warrior and mystic)
2. Moon Druid - Nocturne
3. Athlete - Flameout
4. Face - Uncle
5. Otaku - Veil
6. Rigger - Molly B. Damned (slang term for molybdenum)
7. Tribal Warrior - Three-Golds (gold being the highest score on an archery face, most Portsmouth style shoots use three arrows at the target at one time)
8. Sam/Merc - Tetsu
9. Generalist - Daddy HK (sry, parody of the song title Daddy DJ smile.gif )
1. Dragonslayer -Grumpy
2. Moon Druid - Bashful
3. Athlete - Sneezy
4. Face - Happy
5. Otaku - Doc
6. Rigger - Snow White
7. Tribal Warrior - Prince
8. Sam/Merc -Sleepy
9. Generalist - Dopey
Smed LOL!!!!!!! smile.gif

torz x
1) Smiley
2) GG
3) Sticks (behind his back: Possum Jack)
4) Mrs. Jeeves
5) Geek
6) Honey Chica
7) General Tonto
cool.gif Tiajuana Toto
9) Snaps

These may not satisfy a player's desire for a 'cool' name, but they are realistic as far as group dynamics and the creation of real nicknames go.

Names names and more names.
Wounded Ronin
Yes, but there you won't find a goth chick named "Mayonaise".
I like Lantzer's first choice.

1. Eriksson
2. Luna
3. Puck, Bodycheck, or Highstick
4. Diana
5. Imp
6. Vez (What other Space Marines called Vasquez)
7. Mohawk
8. Akuma
9. Begby
Crimson Jack
Very cool ideas guys. I'm particularly fond of Puck for the Athlete's Way Adept (and his post marsupial pouch discovery nickname, ha) and Molly B. Damned for the rigger. That one was inspired.
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