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Full Version: So does anybody remember...
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...that "10 Commandments of Firearm Safety (as it applies to Shadowrun)" post we had back on the old forums?

Search has failed me, 'tis a sad day.
No but how about we make a new one,

' incoming roads have right of way'

' friendly fire isn't'

Is that the sort of thing you are looking for?

torz x wink.gif
Friendly fire is very friendly. See how it snuggles up to you?

lol smile.gif
nooooooo, remember the 10 Commandments that y'all have to sign off on during Hunter Safety (for those who live in the sticks like me wink.gif ). Things like...

Always point your gun in a safe direction.


Treat every gun as if it were loaded

only in Shadowrun, every gun DAMN WELL BETTER be loaded, and no direction is really safe...hehe

Jog any memories?
And in Shadowrun, "always point your gun in a safe direction" means "never have your gun pointed anywhere but at a guard or your teammates".

Cynic project
Never ever assume you know if a gun is loaded or unloaded without checking it yourself.

Never take anyone's word on if the gun is loaded or not.

Never trust anyone with knowing what kind of rounds are in any gun,without checking them yourself.

Never let anyone load, or unload your guns.

Never hand a gun to someone else without the safety on.

Never take a gun from someone with safety off.

Always clean your gun after each use, when you have time.

Always check your gun, before and after lending it to someone.

Always check any guns you are given.

Guns are not toys.

Having a gun doesn't make you win fights.

Not having a gun can cause you lose fights.

Guns do not lie, but people do.
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