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Full Version: vision enhancements
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hey guys got a question for ya.

what vision enhancements are allowed to be used at the same time. ie... can you be running low-light thermographic,ultrasound,vision mag,blaa blaa blaa all at the same time?

if not what combinations are available together.

if you can explain your reasoning why. iee how can ultrasound,lowlight and thermographic all be sending your eyes different signals but being processed fast enough to make sence.

what do the canon rules say?i cant find any for or against.

thnks everyone
the rules for multiple vision systems are in M&M. page 49, i believe, though i don't have my books to check.
Kanada Ten
Canon rules say one should use the best modifiers for the various vision systems in use. For instance in total darkness, one with both Low-Light and Thermographic would use the +4 from thermo, but were the dim emergency lights to suddenly sputter on they would use the +2 Low-Light. This is for cybernetic, M&M page 49, but I apply it across the board.
Also, glare modifiers that affect one system affect all systems. This really only applies in the situation of thermal glare. If you shut off your thermal, you still get the effects of the glare for a little while afterwards.
You take the best modifiers available, with the exception of Ultrasound Vision, which just halves your vision mods (making it very useful when combined with thermal or low light, you almost never have significant mods). Glare carries over between vision types.

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