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Full Version: Reunification!
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So, we have the PCC which is drawing more and more distant from its sister NAN states. We have the CAS, which is dependent on primarily high tech (read: Matrix) technology. And we have the UCAS, which apparently maintained much of the US's military. Add an aggravated enemy to the south (the Azzies), who hate the PCC for taking LA, and throw in a major Sons of the Alamo incident... Sounds like an alliance.

The PCC's forces have been mentioned as being very drawn out, however. They can call on the Sioux, who will likely try to force them into more NAN compliant activities. The CAS probably doesn't have the forces required.

The UCAS sees it's opportunity. The DF adds some goodwill and diplomatic help, and WHAM, we have an alliance. Maybe not straight up unification to begin with...

The Manitou appeal to the UCAS for help against the other majorities and join the country in exchange for monetary aid and freedom from ummm... those guys(the Japanacorp), which Novatech supports. Novatech brings the two together...

With the Souix in the middle, it would be difficult. But the STC and Tsimshan go to it. This time Mitsuhama gets heavily involved, demanding Sioux involvement, distracting them for several months, especially if the boss of the intel service is coopted. Mitsuhama takes it on the chin from the Corporate Court for "their" bioweapons and has to leave Tsimshan. Tsimshan returns to the STC.

Whadda think?
Yeah, it's possible.

We were discussing it here too...

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Curses. I'll just take my baggage there then.
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